January 4, 2012


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Holy crap.  As I told you cats yesterday, I had my first ever eye exam this morning.  So, needless to say, I've never experienced dilating drops.  Wow. 

So turns out my eyes are nearsighted with a farsighted astigmatism.  Pretty crazy, huh?  I picked out some cute pink frames.  Conveniently, they have you pick out the frames whilest you are blind as a bad from the drops.  That way, it is impossible to tell brand name and price.  Hopefully, my eyes did not totally deceive me.  Oh, and then they let you drive home, or in my case to work.  And let me tell you, the sun has never been brighter.  Holy holy. 

 In other news, I got an email from the Longmont Youth Baseball League with deadline times for sign up for spring.  Serious?  2012 is already feeling like it's gonna fly by. 

Quitting smoking has done two very evident things to me as of late: I eat constantly and I am bitchy as hell.  Both of which I am satisfied with at the moment in trade for being nearly two weeks smoke free.  Currently I am loving M & Ms and mini vanilla wafers.  I'm a real health nut.  

Something to note: it's interesting how far I've come in my comfort in taking outdoor OOTD pics.  It seems like just yesterday I would nearly hyperventilate at the thought of  taking my pictures in front of an audience.  Today, I took my pictures next to a group of skateboarders, sword fighting with large branches.  Didn't bat an eye.  And yes, this happened in this same park

My younger two kids have been at their dads for the past 9 days and they came back today.  I was so fantastically excited.  Not to mention, it was Conner's first day of Kumon and he was super pumped.  He even told his instructor that he wanted to be a Kumon teacher when he grew up.  ;-)

So I haven't had much experience in this wedding planning stuff yet, but I have learned three important keep-in-minds, if you will, for bride-to-be's:

1.  Expect criticismSomeone will always have something to say, add, critique or advise.  Trust.  Some will be helpful (great places to find deals on cakes, easy DIYs, great ways to save money) and some will . . . not.  For example, do not tell people your budget for the wedding.  Make sure that you are confident in yourself regarding any wedding theme, colors, food choice or dress.  Bottom line is, expect people to have something to say, but take what you need from their two cents and dispose of what you don't.

2.  Figure out what you want/need and go from there.  There is no sense in getting all worked up about the money or how you are going to pull something off until you figure out what all you have in front of you and what resources you can pull from. 

3.  It's your freaking day.  When all else fails, if you and groomie are satisfied, that's all that matters.  You can't please everyone.  Luckily, there are only two people you need to please.  To the rest: deal with it!

Red Wool Pencil Skirt-Pendleton, thrifted; Plaid Button Down-Kohl's; Military Jacket-Miley Cyrus; Nude Fishnets-Kohl's; Floral Pumps with Bow Detail-Madden Girl, gifted; Earrings and Animal Print Cuff-Kohl's   

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