October 25, 2016

Share the Covers--Me and Bobby McGee

Legit one of my favorite songs of all time.  It reminds me of my baby brother, an avid and talented guitar player, and every time it plays I picture sitting on the back of a pick up truck in the middle of nowhere just listening to him play.  He's such a hippie.

Here's the original by Janis Joplin . . .

And the cover by Pink . . .

Boots-Charlotte Russe

October 24, 2016

Make it Work Monday #51

I have been a long follower of Megan's blog TFDiaries. I actually found her blog through Pinterest when I was looking for maternity style inspiration.  She is in New York (my dream) and her style is great!  I am a big fan of her gorgeous red hair and her posts are varied and inspirational--from beauty tutorials to food to her recent Halloween costume inspirations.  Be sure to check her out!

Boots-Amazon, gifted

October 21, 2016

Mission #94, Day 5--Cruella

Puppy murdering aside, Cruella was always my favorite villain.  I just loved her luxurious fur coats and her hair.  So this look is kind of evil glam, if you will, with a long fur (faux) and suede (also faux) coat, fancy gloves and bits of red (including on my lips).  This look would totally be just as acceptable for a girls night out or date night without anyone thinking you were hoarding innocent puppies for outerwear.

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