February 10, 2017

Mission #100, Day 5--Bob Marley

Here it is.  The.  Laaaaaaaast.  Blog post.  Wow.  Kinda bittersweet, right?  What better way to end it then with one of my personal heroes--Bob Marley.  Now more than ever, the world needs love and peace.  The world needs all that Bob Marley stood for.  So please love each other.  Be kind to each other, even when its hard.  Love DOES trump hate.  Spread the word and spread the love.  Make the world a better place.  Add your sparkle and make your mark.  On a sartorial level, wear what you want and don't be afraid to NOT #dresslikeawoman.  Dress outside of your comfort zone and THRIFT.  Shop small.

I'm out of cliches.  But I meant every one of them. And most of all--


Frannie out.  #micdrop

Shoes-Blowfish, c/o
Pants-Inspyre Boutique
Cropped Sweatshirt-thrifted

February 9, 2017

Mission #100, Day 4--Tom Brokaw and Ronald Reagan

So apparently I had nearly the exact outfit idea for Tom Brokaw and Ronald Reagan day last year . . . red pantsuit . . . but I love the variety of switching a plain white tee for a graphic tee (aka my staple), heels for sneakers and a clutch for a colorful bag.  This is the great thing about fashion--the details make all the difference.  I will miss sharing my daily outfits with you guys, but I don't have any doubt that I will continue via Instagram (meh, when I feel like it) if you care to follow along.  

When I first decided for sure that I was going to shut this blog down, I had a slight fear that I would lose my sartorial creativity.  Turns out, I didn't.  In fact, I have loved every outfit I have put together--even if it wasn't photographed.  Crazy, right?


February 8, 2017

Mission #100, Day 3--Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was always my most challenging day of Mission Week.  I'm not what you call . . . sporty.  In fact, baseball was the only sport I could ever kind of sort of get into and apparently it's the worst (if you ask a sport person).  But I do love this look.  The referee-esque pants and most importantly, the sweatshirt was my Grampa's.  And I only break it out on special occasions because I don't ever want to have to wash it and lose the smell.  I miss him so much.

Pants-Forever 21
Socks-Sock Fancy
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