January 3, 2012

The Eyes Have It

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Do you all remember when I got all those great pillbox hats of my Gramma's on Thanksgiving this year?  Well, my Grandpa also gave me this cardigan that my Gramma had knitted.  Isn't it great?  It is so comfy and sooooo warm!  I didn't even need a jacket today.  Why oh why didn't I learn any of my Gramma's amazing talents?

Work wasn't too brutal a return today.  In fact, it was pleasantly productive.  Tomorrow I am going in late because I am sticking to NYR # 9 and crossing overdue to-do's off my list by going to the eye doctor. 

Other than the obligatory driver's license or middle school vision screenings, I've never had my eyes checked.  Which is unfortunate because bad eyes are pretty prevalent in my family. My sister had terrible vision and didn't get glasses until middle school.

Last summer I took my boys to get their eyes checked and was shocked to find out that my younger son, Conner, had 20/200 vision.  Yeah.  He has bifocals.  I felt like crap when he finally got his glasses.  He put them on and got this instant look of wonderment, and let out a "whoooooooa."  Poor guy.  He had never seen anything before.  It was an amazing experience.  He even asked Kaden how long his hair had been curly!  LOL!

I'm a little nervous because my eyesight has gotten poorer and poorer as years go by.  Computer screens are a bit harder to read and I definitaley notice it when I drive.  Oi.  I'll keep you posted.

Fortunately for me, glasses are getting much cuter as well as the years go on.  Maybe I will have a "whooooooooa" moment as well!

Knit Cardigan-made by my Gramma ;-) ; Tribal Print Dress-Kohl's; Mustard Button Down-Elle for Kohl's; Rust Tights-Target; Brown Patten Peep Toes-Worthington, gifted; Earrings-Kohl's; Belt-Kohl's 

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