January 2, 2012

Rustic Ware

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One billion Frannie points to those of you who got my Paully Shore reference in the title.  Go girls!  Steven Tyler p.j.s!  Steven Tyler p.j.s!

I cannot believe that I have to go to work tomorrow.  Blech.  The only thing that is going to get me through is being able to FINALLY see Peggy's new rock!  Woop woop!

In the meantime, I spent my last day of freedom going up to Miliken to hang out with my nieces and grab some wedding crafts from my sister.  

Miliken is a tiiiiiiny town in Colorado.  There is literally maybe two stoplights and you have to drive like 30 minutes to the nearest town to go to any store other than the tiny Haye's Market.  Not really my scene, but my sister likes it.  I decided to succumb to the countryside by putting on my most Miliken-esque outfit for a day "on the farm".  *They do not really live on a farm, but it does occasionally smell like cow fart through the whole town from surrounding farms. 

As you can tell, I also finally got my railroad shots, which happened to match my outfit perfectly, naturally.  So, really this trip was a win. 

I might have mentioned this before, but now that the holidays are behind us, I am in full fledged wedding mode.  We might have found a place finally, though (YAY!!!) and you can see it for yourselves because I opted to take my OOTD photos at the place here.   I think it will be perfect!  It's just the right amount of casual and pretty for my vintage wedding!

Speaking of, yesterday I was shopping at Micheal's (really, this wedding has me doing a lot of DIY things I never anticipated doing in my lifetime) and the cashier asked me if there was any particular project I was working on.  I told her that it was for my wedding.  "I'm getting married next year," I begin and then pause, "no wait, actually, I'm getting married this year.  I'M GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR!!!"  The poor cashier didn't realize she had asked a question sending me into instantaneous panic and excitement at the same time and continued to ring in my little wooden pails just the same. 

I know a lot of you other little blogging ladies are expecting weddings this year as well.  Has it hit you yet?  What all have you done or need to do?  For me, I'm starting at Square One.  I see a lot of hot glue in my future . . .

Chambray Button Down-Lee from Wal-Mart; Khaki Cords-Kohl's; Cowgirl boots-vintage; Knitted Poncho-vintage; Belt-unknown; Ring-Encore; Earrings-gfited

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