January 15, 2012

Self Promotion

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 There is nothing I love more on an otherwise lazy, chore-ridden Sunday than a good old fashion spontaneous shopping trip with a best girl friend. 

After nearly a week of the same routine (blow nose, apply Vicks, drink Theraflu, shot of Nyquil, repeat), I have finally nearly got rid of my cold.  Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments!

Being hopped up on "the Quil" for multiple days, I was anxious to take advantage of the Macy's gift card I had gotten from Pat's dad for Christmas. 

This was made especially easy due to the fact that while I was out getting the wedding dress of my dreams yesterday, my hubbie to be was cleaning the house for me top to bottom.

While on my way to Macy's I got a phone call from one of my two best girlfriends, Matty.  We decided to meet at Macy's and have a little trip round the 29th Street Mall.  

I found an amazing deal on a DKNY trench (half off!!!) and a great LBD (not like I needed another one, but any girl knows that each and every LBD is special and different in their own way).

While browsing about Macy's and, later, Bed Bath & Beyond, I was actually complimented multiple times on elements of this outfit.  First the shoes, then the jeans, then the hat, then the earrings.  I was really stoked.  Matty, being the social butterfly that he is, offered them info on my blog and nudged me to hand out business cards.  Usually, I just give a polite "thank you" and move on without the balls to so much as mention my blog.  But, as Matt says, "girl, you gotta PROMOTE!"  So we did.  

On a separate note, if you recognize this shirt, you rock my world.  I got it when Pat and I went to see my favorite comedian, Dane Cook.  The shirt reads "I Su-Fi (aka the Super Finger) D.C. (Dane Cook).  Any Dane Cook quotes or references will be appreciated.  ;-)

Fringed Jeans-Joe Boxer, gifted; Knit Cardigan with Elbow Patches-Mossimo; T-Shirt-from Dane Cook concert; Multicolor Animal Print Pumps-Nine West, gifted; Red Coche Hat-Mossimo; Earrings-Wal-Mart

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  1. in lvoe with your heels!

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