January 9, 2012

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Today at work was literally the craaaaaaaaziest day that I have ever had.  I wasn't busy, it was just nuts.  People were freaking out, 9 News was calling all day and the office was bustling to say the least.  Must be the full moon . . . . (which, by the way, my daughter calls the "whole" moon)

As I was leaving today, Daryl told me that this was his favorite outfit he'd ever seen me in.  Daryl is a very dapper gentleman, so I take what he says to heart when it comes to style.  I was flattered . . . but he also said that it was because the thought I belonged in the Renaissance times.  I never quite made the connection, but I'll go with it.  

I picked up my glasses today and let me tell you, I actually did have my "whoooooooa" moment when I was driving home.  And to think all this time I had been compulsively washing my windshield with fluid thinking it was foggy.  Turns out, I was just blind.  Go figure.  Sleep safe tonight, Boulder area, knowing that tomorrow I will be driving with my eyes in their full potential.  

In keeping up with NYR #8, I took a stab at (finally) updating my Bio Page last night.  Only to have it completely erased mysteriously this morning.  With luck, I think it should still be up and running from now on.  If you like, head on over and let me know your thoughts.  Much less wordy than before.  

So Peggy was out sick today.  I woke up at 3 this morning and my throat was absolutely buuuuuuuurning.  It is so sore.  I better not be coming down with strep or bronchitis or anything . . .

Speaking of possibly being/getting sick, Patrick is heating me up a cup of hot tea and spoiling me as usual.  Words cannot describe how in love with this man I am, how grateful that I am for him and how much he continues to amaze me everyday.  

This is my new favorite photo taking place.  It was the same place that I used in this post.  Unfortunately, it also has a basketball court.  And since the weather is trying to fake us out and be all springy in January, all the young kids (with their pumped up kicks) are flocking to the parks like crazy.  So, I had to find a more secluded place to take my photos . . . in front of what ended up being about 43 office buildings.  Ah well.

Well, that's enough random ramblings for now.  I must go to bed and get some rest and try to kick this sore throat's ass before it takes a drastic turn for the worse. 

Crimson Top-Style & Co., thrifted; Tan and Black Two Tone Skirt with Pockets-New York & Co., thrifted; Cyan Tights-Target; Camel Suede Peep Toe Pumps-Worthington, gifted; Necklace-vintage; Earrings-Wal-Mart; Bracelet-souvenir from the Four Corners; Ring-Kohl's 

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