January 6, 2012

One Step at a Time

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I was pretty hesitant to participate in this month's Bloggers Do It Better challenge to be honest with you.  I just did sequins for EBEW and before I had known about this challenge, I had already picked out a cute outfit.  So I was left with a Homer Simpson-esque face in front of my closet this morning trying to figure out how to make sequins work for me for round two.  Luckily, I have a vast array of sequins and so the possibilities are pretty endless.  That's how this look was born. 

At any rate, I was also a bit premature in deciding to go bare legged today.  Yesterday, we were in the 50's all day, which to a Coloradoan in January feels like it is time to break out the bikinis and start sun bathing.  Today was still pretty sunny, but not as warm.  Needless to say, my legs were goosebumped all day. 

Also, I am on Cloud 9 wedding wise at the moment.  Remember when I told you that Patrick and I might have had a place (this one to be exact)?  Well, we met with Kathy last night to discuss and tour it.  As I suspected, it is PERFECT and will fit in splendidly with my history nerd self and vintage theme.

I feel so much better about the wedding stuff now that we have found the place.  I will feel even better once we secure it with a date.  And better still when I have the dress.  I have found several really pretty dresses online at Etsy, but I am really reluctant about buying a wedding dress online.  I mean, what if I get it and don't like it or what if it doesn't fit right?  I very well can't spend the money or time buying multiple dresses to try on and send back.  Plus, I would feel horrible asking these ladies to spend all their time and talent to make a dress that would just end up being sent back. 

The great thing about the Callahan House for the wedding is that we would be married in a garden.  Not only is this so pretty and so cute, but it will also save on expenses for flowers.  Boo-ya!

I have to say, so far NYR #9 is really starting to pan out nicely.  Crossing to-do's off of my list gives me a sense of accomplishment, almost a high really.  I love it and the more I get crossed off for this wedding, the better (and saner) I will be. 

I hope to be letting you all in on the wedding D.I.Y.s that I am doing.  Due to trying to keep costs down, adding a personal and vintage touch and an uncontrollable dose of stubbornness, perfectionism and OCD, I am doing a lot of the wedding decor myself.  This is a bit of a challenge because, well, I am not by nature very crafty.  I love doing it, but by practice, I am not very good at it.  Cross your fingers everyone . . .

Cobalt Sheath Shift Dress-Sophisticate, thrifted; Striped T-Shirt-Aeropostale; Sequined Bolero-Limited Too, thrifted; Suede Ruffle Detail Knee High-Kohl's; Black Skinny Belt-unknown; Shiny Coat-Wal-Mart 

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