January 25, 2012

Winds Day

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Um, has anyone tried to fill a prescription as of late?  It had been a loooooooong while for me, but I can tell you that it is a HUGE pain in the ass.  

I took Kaden to his follow up appointment from a couple of weeks ago.  Then, in my infinite naivety, went to try to fill his prescription before work slash while running uber late for work.   After four failed attempts, Target came to my rescue.  

You might notice that I took my pictures at two different locations today.  That is because I tried to utilize my old favorite spot for photos before I ran into work.  I have not been able to use this spot since daylight savings time sucked all the sunshine away before/after work and I have been forced to take my pictures during my very limited lunch "hour" (and by "hour" I mean as close to 25 minutes that I can get).  Well, I tried, but the wind was so ungodly that it knocked my tripod over.  Several times.  Like, feared for my camera's well being kind of devastation.  

So, needless to say, this morning was stressful.  I have a very strong work ethic.  I equate being gone from work for any reason from eating lunch to being home sick with kiddos to going to appointments as being unreliable.  I need to get over this.  Part of my NYR with crossing things off of my to-do list is to learn to relax and put important things such as taking my kids to the dentist as a priority.  After all, I've only called in sick one time in two and a half years. 

However, my day got a lot better.  I got caught up at work.  Usually on Wednesday nights, Patrick take the boys to Kumon so I can catch another appointment of mine.  Tonight when I showed up to my appointment, there was a scheduling conflict and I had to leave.  But, Patrick, being the rock star that he is, opted to still take the boys to Kumon and Ellie to Starbucks so I could just go home and chill.   Sounds awesome right?

It did sound awesome, until I remembered that I had to go pick up Kaden's prescription.  At Target.  Alone.  On a payday.  Without supervision.  However, as I walked up to the cash register with two adorable clearance rack hats in hand, I overheard a clerk telling two other clerks about her bridesmaids and their dresses.  I got out of retail shock, got my eye back on the prize, put the hats back and left the store with only the prescription.  If that ain't a miracle, I don't know what is.  

And then I finally got to come home and on my doorstep was a lovely package from eShakti.  You guys might remember that they sent me a dress last fall to review.  Well, I was so impressed with the dress and the customer service, that my mom and I opted to buy her Mother of the Bride dress from them.  It arrived today and I cannot wait for her to try it on! 

I just noticed that the only thing that I am wearing that was not given/handed down to me are my tights and my belt.  Therefore, this outfit essentially cost me around $15.  Now that, my friends, is enough to blow anyone away!  Get it????  Ha ha ha *slowly trailing off as I notice that I am the only one laughing*

Rust Colored Crocheted Maxi Skirt-Rave, gifted; Gray/White Button Down Top-Gap, gifted; Purple Tights-Target; Red Wide Snakeskin Belt-vintage; Orange and Gold Peep Toe Pumps-Nine West, gifted; Necklace-vintage from Grandma; Earrings-gifted


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