January 28, 2012

Loosing My Mojo

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See how horribly awkward this picture is?  There is only one explanation: loser asshole lurkers.  I stand by my initial reaction that this park brings the biggest freaks of nature out of the woodwork.  

Let's back up.  It was snowing today, but not awful snowing.  It was nice and warm out, but snow was blowing in and out all day--perfect for OOTD pics.  I couldn't wait to stand in a mild snow globe and snap away on my lunch break.

The place I had initially chosen had a basketball team practicing there, so off I headed to Old Faithful, le Park of Freaks. 

I got there and, lucky me, no one was there.  So I set up my tripod in the middle of the basketball court (perhaps influenced by the past park) and got clicking.

There I was, happy as a clam, when I spy with my little eye some wayward freakshows fast approaching at three o'clock, my right, your left.  But, I remained optimistic that these weirdos would maybe give a confused glance and mosey on their own way.  

How wrong and naive I am.   Oh no, my friends.  They got to where I was, stopped, stared, stood, watched.  I did what any blogger would do, finish my shot (see picture #2 in awkward pose) and walked over to my camera, pretending to figit with the settings and press various buttons until they moved on.  

Then came a fashion blogger's worst nightmare--actual interaction with a complete stranger.  Luckily, the odds were in my favor as these "gentlemen" were clearly high as a kite.  Thus allowing me to be able to give a one-word simplistic answer and ignore the rest of their shenanigans.  

"Want me to take your picture for you?"  [no] "Have you seen a basketball around here?  They usually have one hiding in a bush."  {insert inappropriate sexual comment and grunts on my ass} "Do you know where 22nd Street is?"  And they continued walking along, looking backwards every five seconds.  Na-sty.

Lesson to be learned: at the request of Patrick, I am going to get some mace for my OOTD pics.  Also, next time, trust the basketball team.  They are not bound to be such pigs.  

Black Skinny Jeans-Mudd; Kelly Green Sweater-Target; Cream Turtleneck Tank-thrfited; White Belt-unknown; Necklace, Animal Print Cuff and Earrings-Kohl's; SPATs-Charlotte Russe; Trench-DKNY

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  1. i really love this



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