December 13, 2011

I've Been Outed

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It's that time again, ladies.  Time for another Every Body Every Wear challenge and this month we are doing something near and dear to my heart--Sequins.  Luckily, I own an inordinate amount of sequins as evidenced below:

So, on the second Tuesday of every month, the Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association holds a luncheon of about fifteen women and one male paralegal.  Funny enough, the EBEW challenges are also on the second Tuesday of the month.  For the past several months, I have been wearing my Fashion Blogging Finest to said luncheons: florals, lace, pattern mixing, colored jeans, colored tights and now this:

These luncheons are held in Denver, or D-town for you natives.  I love any excuse to go on down to "the big city" and mingle with other legal like-minded individuals.  Since I finally have another paralegal in le office now, I have kidnapped Sally on the last two luncheons we've gone to.

Needless to say, Sally and I were about twenty minutes early for the luncheon today.  "You should just go ahead and take your pictures now," she suggests.  Oh yeah.  She knows the drill already.

Such a great idea, says I. So I park ole Goldilocks and had my way with this little park right down the street from the law office that the luncheon was held. 

Sally and I go into the meeting and the guy paralegal and about six other paralegals are sitting around the posh conference table.  We sit down.  Guy paralegal turns to me.  "Hey," he says, "Was that you I saw taking your pictures on Tremont?"  I was a little surprised by being a) spotted and b) outed to all these other professional women.  Why yes, I respond, yes it was.   In the end, we all learned something.  I learned about how claiming Head of Household status and divvying up dependency exemptions can affect maintenance and child support payments and obligations.  The other women and Mr. Paralegal learned about style blogging. 

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Gold Sequined Turtleneck Tank-thrifted; White Blazer-Ann Taylor, thrifted; Red Jeans-thrifted; Nude Pumps-Vera Wang; Earrings-gifted; Lipstick Ring-Encore

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