December 30, 2011

Out with the Old . . .

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As Twenty-Eleven gets ready to bid us farewell, I would like to take a moment and recognize my top 11 moments (good and bad) this year:

11.  Best surprise of the year . . . (other than the biggest and best surprise--see #1) was a tie.  The best surprise I got all year was when my mom called me up one random idle Saturday afternoon and told me that she had been offered free Linkin Park tickets and she wanted to know if I could go.  Best.  Show.  Ever.  And made even better that I got to go with my mom.  The other one was for Pat when I threw him a surprise party for his 30th birthday.  I had his best friend and sister in on it and even his other best friend from Wisconsin was able to make it.  He was so stoked.  The next day, though, my house was covered in blue frosting.  Covered.  

10.  Best Karma Day ever . . . was this day

9.  The best parts of my year  . . . were of course spent with my family and friends.  And, I was blessed this year to experience my first full year with my "new" family, i.e. Pat's family.  I am so blessed to be able to spend the time with the most amazing people in the entire world and gratuitous that the circle of people that I know and love is expanding.

8.  Best lesson learned this year . . . was that I really can do anything--so long as I have the right people to motivate me.  This year, I did a lot of things that I never thought that I would do in my life (or at least enjoy in my life, I probably would done them at some point).  For example, I went camping for three days, was completely and utterly disgustingly dirty and had an amazing time.  I went and watched Pat race.  I went sledding (usually I am way too petrified of the cold).

7.  Best proudest moments of the year . . . were spent watching my sister graduate, seeing Conner score as high as a middle schooler on his math proficiency test, watching Kaden play football and baseball, spending time with my daughter, celebrating my one year anniversary with Pat and enjoying where I work.

6.  Best accomplishment of the year . . . was a recent one.  I finally was able to quit smoking.  

5.  Saddest moment of the year . . . was when my Grandma Marlys died in April.  She had gotten Dementia and moved to a nursing home about five minutes from my house.  I had never lived that close to her before.  From the day she moved in until the day she died, I went to visit her every Wednesday.  I would take a Starbucks and just bullshit with her for an hour.  She didn't remember where she put her glasses, but she could tell me all about her life as a young girl.  I will always cherish those talks and how close her illness allowed me to be with my Grandma.  

4.  Best new hobby of the year . . . was in April when I started this blog.  I have been ever so grateful for this experience.   Not only has it strengthened my sense of creativity in a sartorial way, but also something for me to be proud of, meet new people and gain new inspiration. 

3.  As always, the most wonderful time of the year . . .  is always Christmas and this year was no different.  Having my kids on Christmas morning is totally amazing.

2.  The best road trip of all time . . . had to be the one we took this summer.  We went to Cave of the Winds, Royal Gorge,  Sand Dunes, a gold mine, the Mesa Verde, the Black CanyonArches, Dinosaur Monument and Winter Park.

1.  And the #1 thing to happen to me this year, was . . . GETTING ENGAGED!

Yellow Shear Polka Dot Detailed Cropped Top-Target; Black Ribbed Turtleneck-International Concepts, thrifted; Boyfriend Jeans-Refuge, gifted; Knit Knee Socks-Ross; Black Lace Up Booties-Nine West, gifted; Necklace-Kohl's; Earrings-gifted; Fleece Jacket with Fur Collar-Target

Tomorrow is your last day!

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Here's what we've done for the rest of the year:

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  1. That's a lovely jump in the last photo and so many good things to remember 2011 by. I wish you many more lovely memories in the coming year. Happy New Year.


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