July 18, 2013

Thursday Mixer--Blue Sheath Dress

I thrifted this blue Petite Sophisticate sheath dress back in the fall of 2011 for $6.  Here we are two years later and it's still a fave.

Six documented wears / $6 = a price per wear of $1.  With the versatility, deep cobalt color and perfect fitting and length, I'll take it.

Top Left to Right-1, 2, Now
Bottom Left to Right-1, 2, 3

Being back at work has been a total drag.  I'm busy keeping up and catching up from being gone last week.  And it makes me want to be back in Cali.  *cue Biggie song

We met some really awesome people there.  Everyone that we encountered were really nice.  As I mentioned, we stayed on a Marine base and all of the occupants of the RV park were required to be involved in the military in some way at some point. 

 I've stayed in RV parks before.  I can really not adequately describe the level of comradery that occurs in that of a military base as opposed to a "regular" RV park.  Every time we turned around, people were introducing themselves and offering their help.

Blue Sheath Dress-Petite Sophisticate, thrifted; Striped Blazer-Forever 21, thrifted; White and Cork Sandals-Marshall's; Watch-gifted; Earrings-DIY and gifted 

Almost everyone had an American flag on top of their RV.  We didn't.  At first.  But a quick trip to the BEX (Base Exchange, or basically a Wal-Mart for those with a military ID) fixed that.  We waved it proudly.

One of our neighbors offered us an entire bag of these yummy nectarines picked right off of his tree that morning. 

And I met this guy!  Clay, actually.  Who to date is the only one I have ever met to a) be more overdressed to a beach than I was and b) could walk in these massive stilettos in the sand on the beach without breaking his neck.  He was fun for sure!

And this didn't happen on our trip but shortly before, my cousin Tina went to Cali and you'll never guess who she ran into . . . Suge Knight!  I am still in awe and totally jealous.  She said he was basically the nicest guy ever.

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