May 9, 2012

Eh What Do Boys Know


Sometimes I forget how "public" having a blog makes your life.  Especially true when you choose to share your life on your blog.  

Something you should know about me--I am an honest person, through and through.  I do not get offended easily.  In most instances, you can ask me pretty much anything and you will get an honest response.  I don't mind if people know about me.  I have a big mouth.  Trust. 

Sometimes I forget, however, that there are people who read my blog that I wouldn't expect to (ex-boyfriends, people I haven't seen since middle school, etc.).  This is largely due to the fact that my blogs post to my personal Facebook page automatically.  

Granted, I don't ever post anything on the blog that I wouldn't otherwise say to, well, perfect strangers.  There are a lot of things that happen in my life that I choose not to write about, but usually that is because they involve people that I would assume would not want me to broadcast certain things about them.  

Nonetheless, it does kind of throw me off when I bump into people that I haven't seen in forever and they ask me about stuff that is going on recently.  And I get puzzled as to how they would know that and they inform me that they read my blog.  

For example, several months ago, our office had a 4-way meeting with an attorney who was my professor turned friend in college.  He told me that he had been reading my blog.  He is my friend on Facebook, so it made sense.  But it still kind of caught me off guard.  

I say this as a premise to the next subject that I want to talk about.  And that subject is President Obama's public speech today about his acceptance of same sex marriages.  This is a huge deal.  Anyone that knows me in real life knows that there are few politics that I am very passionate about.   And same sex marriage is definitely one of them. 

I don't know what it is about me, but I have always been somewhat of a gay man magnet.  They just kind of flock to me.  As Margaret Cho has stated, I help them through the Underground Railroad to open gayness.  And I freaking love it.  I mean, for crying out loud, two of my bridesmaids are my two best gay friends.  Please believe that there will be several more in attendance.  

Now, I don't really get the uproar about same sex marriage.  I mean, who are you to say who can and cannot get married?  What if there was a law against marrying redheads or someone of a different age or different height?  This is the comparison I have in my head.  It boggles my mind that a couple in love would not be able to commit to each other forever and share all of the same rights as anyone else.  I mean, the discrimination and hypocrisy of the situation drives me freaking insane.  The idea that a religious literature that is not even practiced by all can set forth who can and cannot share health insurance with someone else seems so archaic, unfounded and heartless.   

My political view on most issues is pretty simple--as long as you are not hurting anyone, mind your own damn business.  If you want to marry someone of the same sex, by all means--do it.  If you want to smoke some ganja to relieve your chronic nausea from the painful and emotionally draining chemo treatments--have at it.  If you want to take birth control (notice: birth control, I am not about to go into the abortion issue here) so that you don't end up in a situation where you have to make life altering decisions--get it girl.  I don't care.  

My only concern about the Obama speech was this: I wish this would've come out a lot sooner.  Truth: I don't get politics.  I don't know the ins and outs.  There are probably reasons why he didn't just come out and say it in the first place.  I am glad that he said it now, but I am just like I wish that people could freely get up and say what they believe to be right--ratings and sponsors be damned.  And in the words of Forest Gump, "that's all I have to say about that."

In unrelated news, Daryl asked what color my top was (after he complimented me on my outfit).  "I don't know," I say, "Probably goldenrod or maybe mustard."  He shakes his head.  "No," he argued, "I'd go with a light peach."  Really?  Well, after his wife came in and I told her about this, she responded with "Eh, what do boys know anyway?"  Well said ma'am.  Well said. 

  Cobalt Blue Shift Dress-Petite Sophisticate, thrifted; Yellow Shear Polka Dot Top w/ Cutout Sleeves; Pointed Toe Kitten Heels-BCBG, gifted; Watch and Earrings-gifted; Belt-Kohl's

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