July 14, 2013


Not having my iPad has been killing my mojo.  I had the Stylebook app wherein all the clothes from my closet were documented, my favorite Pins added in the inspiration folder and outfits had been planned.  When I got up the morning after it happened, I had no idea how to get dressed anymore.

I did end up getting a replacement iPad because honestly I was dying without it ("Hi, I'm a greedy, needy American"), but it set me back some serious bones (obvi).  And thankfully my husband is the best on the planet and had set up iCloud, so I have the app and all its contents back now.

So thanks to the assholes responsible for stealing my iPad, I am now on a shopping ban until I pay it off.  Fuckers.  (Yes, I'm still bitter) 

Which is actually fine anyhow because thanks to my depression induced shopping extravaganza back in May, I have more than enough clothes as it is.  And a lot of the clothes I bought/thrifted were things I'd always wanted because I could envision a million ways to wear them.

So here's my chance I guess.  No shopping for a looooooong time for me.  But I will try to take this opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade.  And find out where my iPad is and throw the extra lemons at them with brute force.

Jumper-Daughters of Liberty, thrifted; White Button Down Shirt-thrifted; Sandals-Carlos Santana, gifted; Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-Target

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