July 4, 2013

Thursday Mixer--Dip Dye Skirt

I thrifted this skirt over a year ago.  I found it at the height of the dip dye short-lived craze and I was so incredibly ecstatic . . .

But apparently, I need to wear it more because I've only worn it three times since then.  That makes the cost per wear for this item about $3.  Not bad, but I could do better with it.

1, 2, Now 

There's no way in hell I would wear this to work, but I did wear it on a random recent weekend day.  I remember wanting to do something different and so I reached for a bandeau.  It worked nicely with a vest and high waisted skirt.

I'm also scheduling this post as well as several others in anticipation of our upcoming trip to Cali!  So I'm posting a past outfit today for the future.  Crazy right? 

Which also means that when this posts it will be Fourth of July so Happy Fourth of July everyone!  My guess is that when this does actually post, we will be at our friends' house soaking in the holiday. 

Currently I'm enjoying the fact that it is a short work week before a vacation.  Thank goodness because Lord knows we neeeeeeed this vacation.  It's been a crazy/wonderful/frustrating/stressful few months.  I need a beach.  STAT. 

Even Brielle agrees.  The other day when we were in the bathroom together, she randomly busted out with California Love lyrics.  I didn't know she was down with Pac, but I dig it. 

Dip Dye Skirt-How & Wen, thrifted; Chambray Bandeau-Wal-Mart; Watercolor Futuristic Vest-IIF, thrifted; Yellow Braided Sandals-Target; Butterfly Bracelet-vintage from Mom; Earrings-DIY and gifted; White Cat Eye Sunnies-Target

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