July 23, 2013

Mission #13, Day 2, Tip 2

My second tip for Mission Week concerns one of my favorite forms of expression . . . shoes!!!

Wearing flip flops to any office is most likely a no-no.  I am lucky enough to be able to sport sandals, but opt for a more professional approach.  Enter the heeled sandal.

Heeled sandals allow your feet to stay cool without giving the "I'm going to the beach after this" vibe.  If you are in a stricter no open toed shoes policy dress code, I would definitely opt for flats or no fuss heels.

Although these heels look pretty tall (they are), they are actually surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in.  And, of course, perfect for spring and summer.

Colorado weather must've got the memo for this week's Mission Week because it has been hot as eff here.  The past few days we've been in the upper 90's with hardly a break into the 80's at night.

Sidenote: my mom got me this adorable tee whilest honeymooning in Italy.  It is lace and has all kinds of fashiony pictures on it--even Polaroid-esque blog-looking photos on the side and a barcode!  I'm dead for real when I tell you I've worn this tee at least half a dozen times since she gave it to me.  Thanks again Mom!

Chambray Pencil Skirt-thrifted; Lace Graphic Tee-gifted by Mom from Italy; Coral Suede Sandals-Payless; Watch-gifted; Sunnies-Target; Earrings-gifted

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