July 19, 2013

Dear Frannie Friday--Best Pandora Stations

Music is a big part of my life and I can't imagine doing anything without it.  I listen to anything and everything (minus techno . . . I just can't do it), but my stations depend on my mood.  Here are some of my faves:

For work
These stations are cool, calm and office appropriate

The Eagles
Dave Matthews Band or Red Hot Chili Peppers
Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert or Brad Paisley

For Dancing

Let's Have a Kiki
Salt N Pepa or Notorious B.I.G.

For Romance

Bob Marley
Marry Me by Train
Frank Sinatra or Perry Como

For Comedy

Louis C.K.
John Mulaney
Kevin Hart
Bill Burr

For Hard Rock/Anger/Energy

Green Day
Beastie Boys

What are some of your favorite Pandora/iHeart/Spotify stations?
Do you have a question or suggestion for the next Dear Frannie Friday?  Email me at franniepantz@hotmail.com

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