July 10, 2013

Mission #12, Day 3

This dress, bought during my depressed moment of weakness in May, finally gets to make its debut and there is no better reason to bust it out than celebrating stripes for Mission Week.

Though only worn once so far, once the cooler temps come out I am confident that this dress will be an MVP in the layering department for sure.

Because it is blazing hot here, I chose to forgo any layers on this strike, however, and stuck with simple ways to accessorize like a neon belt or studded sandals.

As I've mentioned, the past several of these posts have been scheduled.  As this posts, I am still in California, most likely on a beach.

And because of that, I've tried to do several scheduled posts a night.  The reason being that I have followed my own advice a little too closely and have a billion outfits in backlog and really need a good excuse to get them out of my files and onto this blog.

And I think I've now filled my scheduled posts quota for the night.  So basically there's this to learn today: the easiest way to wear stripes is to wear a dress that is striped.  And that's that.

White and Black Striped Dress-Old Navy; Neon Yellow Skinny Belt-Target; Black Studded Gladiator Sandals-Target; Mirrored Aviators-Target; Earrings-gifted; Monogram Necklace-K-Mart

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