July 11, 2013

Mission #12, Day 4

I am wearing my favorite sequined striped tank from Old Navy to support this week's Mission Week.  

The greatest thing about stripes as a pattern is how versatile they are.  They make a great starting point for some pattern mixing like I've done here.

By matching the color of the tank to the hints of dark green in the shorts, I paired these stripes with a safari print and it worked out very nicely!

I really have to thank my mom (again) for this outfit.  She gave me the blazer, the shoes and the shorts.  The shoes were her wedding shoes, the shorts were hers that she used to wear allthetime and I loved her in them and the blazer was given to her by a co-worker.

Being the same size-ish as your stylish mother rocks.  Amiright or amiright?  I'm right.  And if you ask my husband, I am always right. ;-)

Safari Print Shorts-gifted by Mom; Sequined Striped Tank-Old Navy; Beige Blazer-thrifted and gifted; Floral Wedges-gifted by Mom; Earrings and Spiked Bracelet-Kohl's

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