July 22, 2013

Mission #13, Day 1, Tip 1

This may seem like a cop out, but the first piece of advice I have for this week's Mission Week challenge of dressing for the office in the summer is . . .

A good classic dress.  That's it.  Super simple.  Seems stupid to even mention it but I think that sometimes it's hard for us women (especially bloggers) to keep it simple.

This dress is newly thrifted.  I know, I know, I just put myself on a ban and I intend on keeping with the ban.  But it seemed like an injustice to not go thrifting whilest in California.

I didn't go overboard, but when you find a perfect little black dress by Marc New York for $10 you don't pass it up. 

Not even when said thrift store doesn't have a dressing room and you find yourself sharing a dorm room mirror with another customer in the back of the store to tactfully try on clothes.  Not even then.

Little Black Dress-Marc New York, thrifted; Multicolor Heels-Nine West, gifted; Gold Watch-gifted

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