July 2, 2013

Share the Covers--La Bamba

Here is the original by Los Lobos (everyone knows this song) . . .

And the fun poppy little cover by Leon Thomas III . . .

 I've always enjoyed a wide range of music.  With the exception of techno, I pretty much listen to everything.  But ever since I got an iPod 8 years ago (wow, really???), I don't listen to the radio that often.

So I rely on friends, family and Pandora to let me know what's "new".  That is until recently.  Because my two younger chitlin are 8 and 6 and just about the age where music is enjoyable for them. 

And I think their dad and/or step-mom listens to 95.7, which is a local hip hop station, because for the past few months they have been requesting to listen to it.  And because almost every hip hop station plays the same 15 new and hot songs on repeat, they know every word to every song. 

Which is both cute and worrisome a bit.  Because . . . some songs . . . are . . . questionable.  Of course they are too young to know what it means.  But when my six year old daughter starts singing "blow my whistle baby, whistle baby", it can catch you off-guard.  And it reminded me of the turmoil I must have put my mother threw when Red Light Specialcame out.

Red Dress-Old Navy; Mint Sequined Bomber Jacket-Forever 21; Red Sandals-Payless; Leopard Belt-Target; Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-Target

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