July 30, 2013

Share the Covers--Ring of Fire

The original that everyone knows by Johnny Cash . . .

The cover that most people have heard by Social Distortion . . .

I chose this song for obvious reasons.  It's hot.  That short lived cold spell was cute and all, but now we're back to business.  Sticky business.  But, I'm not going to complain because once it gets cold (i.e. 65 degrees and under for me), I'm gonna complain about it being cold.

When we were on vacation in California a couple of weeks back, the temperature didn't get above 75.  It was cloudy.  And 90% of the time, we were on or at least near the ocean and it's chilly little breezes.  At one point on Santa Monica pier, I even hid in the bathrooms for a bit to warm myself under the hand dryers.  I kept shivering in my tank top, shorts and flip flops (why would I pack anything else really?) and muttering "Holy crap I can't wait to get back to Colorado where it's warm!!!"

Polka Dot Tiered Dress-thrifted; Leopard Print Cardigan-thrifted; Two Tone Cap Toe Heels-Franco Sarto; Earrings-gifted 

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