July 6, 2013


Ever since my iPad got stolen, I have felt so filled with rage, sadness, frustration, helplessness and confusion. The case is now closed with the police.  There was no video surveillance, the credit card used by the family after us had no information and the hairdresser is standing by her innocent plea. 

I've never stolen anything in my life.  On the contrary, whenever I have found something that was not mine, I have turned it in.  And I've found wallets, money, you name it.  I'm an honest person (sometimes too much so).

I used my iPad everyday--sometimes every hour.  EVERYTHING was on there--bank accounts, credit cards, passwords, Amazon and other shopping accounts, email, social networking sites, my blog stuff, photos, videos.  Everything gone.  And liable to be stolen.

Thank GOD Patrick is around.  Without him, I wouldn't have everything backed up on iCloud, so when my iPad is replaced it is restored as it was.  I wouldn't have had it password locked and protected.  I would have no idea how to put it in "stolen/lost" mode, thus notifying me of its location if turned on and alerting the finder of its status.  So it is likely that nothing will come of the stolen, but it still just feels wrong. 

The cops don't consider it a high profile enough case to investigate further and I've read this is often the case (because, you know, Longmont cops are so busy with all the cigarettes being dropped out of car windows and stuff).  The stores can't afford to keep proper security precautions around apparently.  And even though I have the serial number, the GPS tracking ability and everything else on the iPad, somehow Apple is unable to find it for me without the cops calling.  But the cops can't call because it isn't life or death.

Whoever you are that took my iPad, I hope you needed it.  I hate you.  And I hope you're stupid enough to try to pawn it.

Pale Pink Chiffon One Shoulder Top-Bebe, thrifted; White Jeans-Mossimo; Salmon Kitten Heels-Nine West, gifted; Necklace-Avon Empowerment Circle of Support; Sunnies-Target; Earrings-DIY and gifted 

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