July 8, 2013

Mission #12, Day 1

For the first day of Mission Week, I donned a striped tee as part of a short suit look.  Going monochromatic and quasi-business professional is a way to tone down the stripes a bit.

I didn't wear this to work.  I get asked a lot about how I could wear this certain piece or that one to work.  I try to be respectful with my work attire, I do.  I watch my hemlines and coverage closely.  In other words, I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing this to the office.

But I am lucky to be able to have the flexibility that I do at my job.  For starters, my boss, Daryl, is a very fashion forward individual.  He actually has told me that he loves how I dress for work and I've been praised for it.

Additionally, in Daryl's words to the Xerox salesman the other day, "we're just not that sexy of a law firm".  We are busy and we have a decent amount of clients, but it is small in and of itself.  And that makes client contact much more personal.  And our clients also like the way that I dress.  

And I do take note of certain events.  For example, if we have a mediation scheduled or a 4-way meeting, I will dress a lot more conservatively.

Most people envision law offices as stuffy and conservative.  But not ours.  Not family law.  Not in Boulder, Colorado--home of the liberals.  And I like that.

Yellow and White Striped Tee-Old Navy, thrifted; Yellow Blazer-Petite Sophisticate, thrifted; Yellow Shorts-Old Navy; Snakeskin Sandals-Bandolino, gifted; Monogram Necklace-K-Mart; Sunnies-Target; Earrings-gifted

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