July 3, 2013


So guess what happened to me this weekend?  I got my iPad stolen.  Yep.  Stolen.  While I was at {a hair salon in Longmont that may or may not be later named}.  Straight jacked.

I took the boys to get their haircut for the barbecue.  We got there about an hour before they closed.  This is the only hair salon that Kaden will go to because everywhere else cuts too much length off of his hair.  Kaden went first.  As he was getting his haircut, Conner and I were messing around.  There was only one hairdresser working at the time and we were the only ones in the store.  So we went out front and had a race and went around the shopping center. 

We got back in the salon and Conner got on my iPhone and I got on my iPad.  I'm working along and Kaden's haircut is finished.  Conner wanted me to go with him for his so I just walked over to him and left my stuff.  Again, we were the only ones in the store and I could see my stuff from where I was.   

As Conner was getting his fauxhawk on, a family of four--parents and two boys--walk in.  They sit down on the couch literally right next to my purse.  So I asked Kaden to go get my purse.  Conner's haircut finishes, we pay, we leave, we go home.  I start dinner and as the water is boiling I go to get my iPad out of my purse.  It's not there.  I check all the usual spots--nothing.  I check my car--nope.  I immediately drive back to Supercuts.

The store is locked but the hairdresser is still there sweeping up hair.  I knock frantically on the door and she comes over to open it.  I check everywhere--it's nowhere to be found.  She says that she hasn't seen it and proceeds to tell me that the family that came in after me stood next to her the whole time she was cutting the boys' hair and that they were the only other people to come in after I did.  I stayed out front and called Patrick who told me that he put a lock alarm on it so that if my iPad goes anywhere within a WiFi area, it will sound an alarm and a message will come up saying that it was stolen.  But if the iPad gets wiped, it won't work.  And neither will the Find my iPhone app.

So I went in the next day and talked to the shift manager.  They don't have cameras and even though when you first go into that dump of a salon they ask for your phone number, she didn't get one from the family.  Or a last name.  There are only one of four people who could have my iPad--me, the hairdresser, the mom or the dad--and I know I don't have it. 

Don't worry though.  I am fully prepared to put the legal kabash on this shit and get it rectified asap.  I took a video of the waiting area.  When the shift manager asked me what I was doing I told her I was taking video for my good friend, an insurance defense lawyer in Denver, to see that there is no signage releasing them from liability for lost or stolen items left unattended.  And I would probably take it back to the law firm where I work to see what their thoughts are on what I can do.  And I might call my new stepbrother, the Federal District Court Judge, to see what his thoughts were on what I should do.  And I would definitely call the cops and file a report on what would now be a felony instead of a misdemeanor--since the stolen merchandise is valued at higher than $500, not even including all of the apps on there.  And it might double as an attempted identity theft of not only myself, but all the client information that I had stored on my iPad.  Not to mention, I may talk about it on my blog which even though I am not a massive well known blog, some people actually read it. 

Kind of like this:

Coral Lace Dress-Kohl's; Cropped Denim Jacket-thrifted c/o Goodwill Shop and Swap; Gold Skinny Belt-thrifted; Coral Floral Sandals-Kohl's; Ring-Encore; Earrings-gifted; Polka Dot Scarf-vintage

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