July 25, 2012

Hot Cross Braids


I don't know about y'all, but it was crazy busy telephone day today for me.  That little asshole was ringing non-stop.  Weird . . .

Anyway, this is another 'zinespired look.  Below you will see the original magazine cut out.  I traded in the pretty sandals for some combat boots since I was going to be the only one from my firm in le office today.

Also, I had a wild notion getting ready today to try something with my hair.  I call it Hot Cross Braids.  It didn't come out perfect (would be better if I had the time to flat iron my hair first), but not bad for a random bathroom experiment.

The point was to have two braids without that scalp line showing.  Essentially it looks like a side braid, but there's two.  Aha!

So this morning I met with my Parole Officer.  Not really.  Just the Community Service Agent.  But it felt like a parole officer meeting.  

So you know how I've been all pissed off about having to do community service and bitching about it nonstop and stuff?  Well guess what?

I get to volunteer at a thrift store!  Woop woop!  I'm all "Eight hours at a thrift store?  Shiiiiiiiit.  I can do that!  I do that for leisure son!"  <----obviously this is the conversation I had with the agent in my head.  

And then I also realized something.  I support thrift stores.  Always have.  I support them because of their price, but also because of what a thrift store does.

Thrift stores promote recycling.  They appreciate the used.  They don't discriminate against old or new or big or small or even sometimes the imperfect.  They themselves help the community.

You know what?  It's time to stop bitching and start being positive.  I am being "punished" by spending eight hours in a place I would likely already spend at least two hours in to begin with and for something I support. 

So that's that.  I am doing it.  And I am not going to bitch about it anymore because yes I have to give up a Saturday and no I may or may not feel like I deserve it but it could be worse. 

For example, the agent told me he just had a guy in last week with the same offense.  But he didn't even drop a cigarette out the window.  He ashed out the window, the cop saw the sparks and gave him the same ticket.  And he got 16 hours of community service.  How bout them apples?

Sally cracked me up though.  She asked why I was late coming into the office.  Here's how the conversation went:

Sally:  "You're in kind of late."
Me: "I was seeing my parole officer and practicing my rendition of Go Tell It on the Mountain."
Sally:  "Oh.  (she's in the know as to what is going on)  So where are you going to do your time at?"
Me:  "A thrift store."
Sally:  *busts out laughing* "Oh man.  The community service is going to cost you more than the fine!  (she is also in the know about my spending habits in thrift stores)  This whole thing is gonna end up costing you a pretty penny all right!"

  Black Pleated Mini-unknown and really old; Silk Polka Dot Blouse-Banana Republic, thrifted; Moto Shrug-Miley Cryus; Combat Boots-L.E.I.; Earrings-DIY and gifted

Don't Forget!

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