July 7, 2012



So much good news to share with you all on this lovely Saturday.  First and foremost----

My mom got engaged last night!!!!  Her boyfriend asked me my permission back at Easter and I have been busting at the seams ever since.  I even helped him select the ring!  It's got an amethyst in the middle, which is my mom's birthstone (also her mom's and mine).  Congrats Mom and Gary!

Also, I can walk again!  Last night our Insanity workout consisted of cardio recovery--which sounded good to me.  It was a lot of stretching and stuff.  

After cringing in pain with every step for days now, I woke up and walked like it was nothing and it felt glorious!  And in case you were wondering, this is how I feel about Insanity . . .

Today was my dress fitting.  My sister, cousin and mom needed their dresses altered as well so it was awesome.  I got to spend the afternoon with my three favorite girls in the world.

Because I've let my bridesmaids pick out their dresses, I hadn't seen them yet all together and/or with my dress.  We were missing two girls (my brother's girlfriend and Patrick's sister), but none the less, seeing my sister, my cousin and I's dresses side by side and with our shoes . . . perfection.  I can't wait.

After the dress fitting, my mom suggested we stop and get a celebratory cocktail on the way home.  I told the barkeep that my mom had gotten engaged last night.  He made my mom a shot.  A Blow Job.  Are you kidding me?  It was funny and fun nonetheless, but it was the first (and last) time I'd ever seen my mom take a Blow Job.  Awkward . . .

After realizing how down to the wire we are on our wedding planning as of late, Patrick and I have really hunkered down and got a lot done during the last week or so.  Everything is coming together and I am so excited to see the final product.

Another great thing that happened today?  It was my niece Juliauna's birthday party today.  I let her mom use my house for it while we were out at the dress fitting.  All my kids were with all their cousins today (eight kids in total) and they had an absolute blast.

It was sunny, warm and gorgeous all day.  Notice, I said warm, not hot, which was a great change of pace.  But just as we got back from the dress fitting in Denver . . .

It started poooooouring rain.  Now those of you who have been readers for a while or even follow any news on Colorado at all know that we desperately need as much rain as possible as it was quite recently that our entire state was ablaze in forest fires. 

The temperatures dropped to a comfortable 60, the air smells like fresh summer rain (best. smell. ever.) and the streets glisten in the fresh sheen of sweet, cleansing precipitation.  

I really can't think of a Saturday where I laughed harder, smiled bigger, felt more at ease with the wedding or celebrated the rain so freely.  Best.  Saturday.  Ever.

  Mint Short Sleeved Button Up-Style & Co., thrifted; White Shorts-Old Navy, thrifted; Floral Flats-Payless; Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted; Necklace-K-Mart

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