July 17, 2012

Barking Dogs


My dogs are barking.  Work was insane.  Then I met up with Patrick's sister to go bridesmaid dress shopping.  I don't have the energy for a full on post of witty repartee as usual, so here are some random things: 

Patrick hates these shorts.  Hates them.  I don't know why.  But they are the only article of clothing I own that he has actually said that he has a disdain for. 

Last night was our night off of Insanity.  We are about to start our workout now.  I'm gonna be honest--I'm scared.

Patrick's sister is . . . not the shopping type.  But I may have rubbed off on her a bit.  We found her two dresses and a pair of killer Madden Girl heels ($10!!!!).  And I didn't buy anything.  

Patrick's friend and trainer is also a pastor.  He was supposed to be our officiant at the wedding.  Today he told us he can't do it.  Shit!

I always feel like I have to wear really high heels with these shorts.  With all the running around I did today, I am now regretting this stigma.

All in this week, my car, my mom's fiance's car and my brother's car have broken down.  Have I mentioned that I hate when Mercury is in retrograde?

I say this with every season, but . . . I am totally ready for fall.  The heat is damn near unbearable here and I am anxious to reacquaint myself with my boots, tights, pants and layers that don't sweat off.

I will never get over how much I love this blouse.  Ever.  The silky material, the fun lock print, the peter pan collar.  I really don't wear it enough.

Here's hoping tomorrow brings some more low key activities.  Well, you know.  After work.  And a baseball game.  And laundry.  And more Insanity.  Yikes.

  Lock Print Silk Blouse with Peter Pan Collar-Fun2Fun, thrifted; Black Bermuda Shorts-New York & Co.; Sandals-Candie's; Watch-gifted

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