July 8, 2012

Tardy for the Party


I suppose I am a little late to the Fourth of July party with my stars necklace and striped skirt, but I'm okay with it.  

So guess what?  Today is Patrick and I's two year anniversary!  Well . . . we think so.  We had to try to use text messages a few months after we started dating to try to figure out what actual day we started dating.  We're not big on dating anniversaries. 

Luckily, we have a wedding coming up.  No way we'll be able to forget that date.  Plus, we can't really celebrate today anyhow.  Patrick is working.  Boo.   But, we didn't do anything last year either.

But the kids and I did get to make a day of errands a fun day.  And that is always good.  I get to get things done and they get to have fun.  Win win. 

We spent the better part of the morning on a hunt for dress vests for the boys.  All the men in the wedding party are wearing slacks, button down oxfords, ties and dress vests.  We have all the pieces for the groom, the groomsmen and my male bridesmaids.  But so far, nothing for my sons.

Conner is a ring bearer and Kaden is giving me away.  So, yeah.  They need suits.  Unfortunately all the suits for boys were black.  Lame-o.  Ours need to be khaki/taupe/tan/whathaveyou.

Nonetheless, we ended up giving up and going out to lunch.  We stopped by the craft store on the way home for some materials I need for more wedding DIY decorations.  The kids had an unexpectedly fun time at the craft store.  And by that I mean that they were playing hide and seek through the store (in a funny kid way, not an annoying running through the store like banshees way).

And, we made out with some t-shirts that were on sale and t-shirt paint for them to entertain themselves for the afternoon as well.  

On the way home, we grabbed some ice cream.  Now we are watching Despicable Me (i.e. my favorite movie of all time) and getting ready to get our t-shirt art on.  

Not only was it a great day and it is Patrick and I's two year anniversary (probably . . .), but it is also the official two month mark until the wedding.  Yikes.  And yay!

  Chambray Short Sleeved Button Up Blouse-Style & Co., thrifted; Red/white/blue Striped A-Line Skirt-Halston III, thrifted; Maroon and Wood Sandals-Payless; Star Necklace-gifted; Earrings-gifted

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