July 2, 2012

It's All Good


Mondays.  Billing.  Waking up extra early.  Hot.  Blech, blech, blech.  Let's not--shall we?  Let's instead talk about how awesome the weekend was and go back to a happier time.  

Today, for the first time, I am participating in Inspiration Monday from Two Birds.  This is the look that was chosen.  I dug it because a) I knew I had all the elements of this look in my closet and 2) I have a serious crush on Eva Mendes.  Seriously, the most beautiful woman alive. 

Another first this weekend?  I created things that tasted good using food.  I know, right???  I made this amazing, correction--amaaaaazing Caramel Cheesecake Apple Dip from this recipe that I pinned.  So easy.  I even made my own caramel.  I know!!!!  I did, however, substitute pecans for graham crackers because frankly I have a thing for pecans, especially with apples.

And that's not all!  I also made these Nutella popsicles.  Are you kidding me???  Again, three ingredients leading to ultimate summer bliss.  Ok, mine didn't look as legit as these did, but they were freaking good.

So, you probably didn't notice that I didn't blog this weekend (I'm always kind of perplexed when I see bloggers come on and start mad apologizing like "omg so sorry for my absence!" and most of the time, I'm like "um, you were gone?" Sorry, that sounds snobby, but seriously, I know I'm not the only one with other stuff to do).  Why?  Well, this is what I was doing:

  • Chillin' with the nieces.  Making a total of five kids at the house.  Five.  Thus reassuring to me that three kids . . . is plenty.
  •  Looooooots of fun outside.  This included but was not limited to--baking (obvi), blowing bubbles, playing with stuffed puppies, drawing with sidewalk chalk (well, they did, but not me--I hate getting my hands dirty so chalk creeps me out--I'm weird), swimming (I mentioned before that my oldest niece has Spina Bifida and my younger niece is teeny tiny and our pool is huge, so Auntie bought them both rafts for the pool, which they looooved) and just relaxing.
  •  Going to a BBQ at Patrick's best friend's house.  I've actually known him as long as I've known Patrick--about 15 years.  It is so nice to actually love Patrick's friends and their family.  I can't tell you how amazingly comfortable and fun it is to know that I am marrying into this circle of people.  Thanks Grant and Amy!
  •  Virtually neglecting all responsibilities possible.  I.e. blogging, cleaning, cooking (other than the fun stuff) and having so much fun with the kids that I didn't even have to do any scolding or breaking up of fights!
  •  Getting good news from my bestie Chris' boyfriend James this morning.  Keeping my fingers crossed for the best. 
  •  Getting awesome news from the other bestie, Mattie re my bachelorette party.  I cannot believe how lucky I am for these friends I've accumulated and how freaking close the wedding is.  Nearly two months away.  Yikes.
  •  Um, we get Wednesday off this week.  A weird day to have off for a work week, but . . . it's a freaking day off.  I'll take it.
 Shear Floral Maxi Dress-Steppin Out, thrifted; Shear White Short Sleeved Button Down-Liz Claiborne, thrifed; Nude Criss Cross Sandals-Marshall's; Bangles-gifted; Earrings-gifted

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