July 18, 2012

Not a Bronco


I have always loved the color combination of orange and blue but have always been apprehensive about trying to wear it because, well . . . 

I live in Colorado.  Nearly everyone here is crazy for the Bronco's.  My family is included in this group.  Namely, my mother.

All day I waited for a Bronco comment that (luckily) did not come.  I might have to try this more often I guess!

Kind of fitting though since Kaden had a baseball game tonight.  And even though the season is almost over (bittersweet), he and his brother start football in September.  Oi!

I have never had two sons in sports at the same time, but I am up for the challenge.  They don't call me Super Mom for nothing (note: you can call me Super Mom, but do not call me Soccer Mom).

Something I'm not totally up for though?  Court.  Tomorrow morning.  For when this happened.  Yeah, I'm pretty much prepared to get gotten by The Man.  

I did, however, take a personal day off from work tomorrow for the ordeal.  So, assuming I'm not in jail (being a bit dramatic, I don't have a record at all and don't anticipate going to jail), I have quite a few "random workday off" to-do's I would like to tackle. 

So, if you could, try to send this mama some intensely good vibes for tomorrow.  I really don't know what I'll be in for. 

At the very least, though, I don't have to work tomorrow.  Which is much needed with how busy we have been lately.  Two depositions this week (which we don't normally do) and all kinds of other deadline sensitive shtuff.  Yuck.  Positive thoughts . . . positive thoughts . . . 

  Handkerchief Hem Polka Dot Sundress-vintage; Orange Short Sleeve Button Up Blouse-Rafaella, thrifted; Orange Suede Sandals-Payless; Earrings-Kohl's

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  1. The orange and blue is a fun combination. I hope your day goes well.


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