July 12, 2012



I swear I am not going to touch the dresses I bought yesterday with the intention of them being for the wedding rehearsal and reception.  But this little ditty, I could not leave in the closet another minute.

This.  Dress.  Was like one of those cosmic fashion love connections.  I had obsessed over this similar Marc Jacobs version for over a year (seriously), but knew that chances were slim with a high price tag like that that I would ever own one.

But as I was browsing Dillards yesterday, I saw it.  In all its Lifesaver-esque glory.  It was hanging all by its lonesome on a rack.  With no price tag.  

But it was in my size.  This was meant to be.  I know I was there on a wedding mission, but God bless it, I couldn't let this go.  I didn't even try it on!  I just took it right then and there.   Turns out, this baby was marked down from $129 to $23.  Aaaaaaaand sold.

 As for my shoes, these were another item that are new to me that I couldn't wait to put into rotation.  No, I didn't buy them.  Guess what?

After drooling over Blowfish shoes since I started blogging and entering every Blowfish giveaway I could, I finally one a pair!  Of all places, it was from Kayls' blog, Sidewalk Ready.   If you have been living under a rock and have not checked out her gorgeous photos, impeccable style and fabulous hair know-how--do so.  Now.

So I can't wait when I get new clothes to wear them.  Sue me.  You're just lucky I still haven't worn my wedding dress to work yet.  Because . . . I totally would.  

Luckily my mom knows my impatient nature and has been holding my dress hostage since January.  And now it is in the safe hands of a tailor gettin' all bustle-fied.  So, we're good. 

I find it strange that I am such an impatient person sometimes because IRL, I am really easy going.  I don't get all antsy in my pantsy for the most part.  But I all but demand instant gratification.  Weird, isn't it?  I blame my generation.  And Google. 

Today was pretty boring other than the dress.  Which is why I am reserving to talking about clothes for 35 paragraphs or so.  But seriously, it was a hit.  I loved it, my mom loved it, Daryl loved it, his wife loved it and Sally loved it.  Win.

And with that boring overzealous commentary, I leave you to conquer even more boring and mundane rituals in my life.  

Like cooking dinner, doing laundry and getting ready for Friday.  OMG it's Friday tomorrow!  That's it.  This day couldn't get any better . . . except if the Powerball ticket I spontaneously bought last night was a winner.  That would be better.  But still, not bad. 

  Multicolor Striped Dress-Dillards; Belt-Kohl's; Distressed Linen Wedges-c/o Blowfish; Earrings-gifted

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