July 10, 2012

What's In A Blog?


For the color blocking challenge held by Every Body Every Wear I had already had the purple/yellow combo in my head for some reason.  Plus, it had been a while since I wore this dress and every time I put it on, I remember how much I love it!

I had some extra time today to find a new location.  Frankly, I'm sick of my same six standard go-to spots.  I ended up finding this cute little garden adjacent to an elementary school.  And I had a lot of fun taking photos by it.  Mostly because it is the first time in forever that I haven't had random people interrupting me. 

And, of course, I thought about not posting all of them because the #1 pet peeve of bloggers (I hear, though I have yet to hear it personally) is having too many photos.  For me, though, I don't mind a lot of photos on other blogs.  This is especially true if they include a lot of detail shots. 

But, if you have even read this blog for a week you probably realize three things about me--1) I don't give a crap what other people think of me or my blog, 2) I think that everyone should be able to express themselves however they like, even if that means an "excess" of photos and 3) I am rebellious and stubborn so if you tell me not to do something, chances are, I'm going to do it.  

Personally, I feel that if you don't like a lot of pictures on a blog, then don't look at them all.  Simple as that.  If someone feels really good in an outfit or about a location or is having a lot of fun and ends up with a lot of pictures, good for them.  I support that.  If someone wants to use one photo, that's good too.  

One good thing about a lot of pictures is that it gives me opportunity to talk more, which you probably get that I am also pretty good at doing--talking a lot.  And there is an issue that I have been wanting to write about for some time now, but haven't had the time or patience to get into it.  

Jessica of Midwest Muse is a fave blog of mine and though we have only emailed a couple of times, she seems to be a really sweet girl and I like 'er.  A while back, she wrote a post on how she sometimes felt perplexed on what it is she should be writing about (stick to clothes, write about the day, etc.).  And, like a dumbass, I never bookmarked it and cannot find the exact post now.  Sorry.  But scroll through her stuff, she's a sartorial genius and has great taste in music too.

Anyhow, it inspired me to write a post on the subject as well.  As anyone who reads my blog knows, I am pretty much a say it as it is person.  I live a very full life with a full time job, three kids, getting married in September, having a big and close knit family and all that that entails.  

Sometimes I have good days.  Sometimes I have bad days.  I don't blog about everything going on in my life.  I do have some limitations to tribulations that I don't go into on the blog.  But I do share a lot of myself on my blog.  Sometimes, I think that I might share too much about myself on the blog.   

It didn't start out that way.  I started my blog as just an outlet about the clothes I was wearing.  I rarely mentioned my kids or my fiance.  In fact, when I did, I didn't even use their names, just initials.  Why did I do that?  Because that is what I saw on other blogs.  That and a lot of smiles and perfectly designed homes and macaroons.  Lots of macaroons.  Coffee breaks, strolls through the parks, rainbows, butterflies.  

And that is all fine.  I am totally cool with that.  In fact, it is definitely a smarter move if you use your blog as business and not a hobby.  I doubt I would feel comfortable going into a dentist's office and finding his weekly newsletter about what pissed him off this week.  And, sometimes it's nice to pretend that you live that life too.  You know, you wake up mid-morning, lounge in your pajamas while you sip an espresso and catch up on emails.  You get dressed into your perfectly orchestrated, brand name, expensive best of the best.  You grab your photographer husband and go on a little afternoon drive to a gorgeous field of daisies, have a perfect picnic of pear and goat cheese on a baguette and outfit photo your little heart out.  

That sounds like the bomb to me anyway (yes, I'm thirty, so I was in "the bomb" era).  But I found that the less I involved things in my posts that truly made me me, the less satisfied with the outcome.  My kids, my fiance, my job . . . all those things are my life.  It is what makes my life special.  Even if it means that I end up disclosing that I have a problem quitting smoking or that I caught my kid stealing from my wallet or that my colleague and dear friend passed away. 

I saw a quote the other day that said "Not everyday is a good day, but every day has something good in it."  That is my life.  And I think it is the life of 99% of people out there--style blogger or not.  And I can really relate to bloggers that keep it on the level and share bits of themselves that others might find controversial or crude or unmentionable.  

So I write what is on my mind (unless even I find it too personal).  And I realize that not everyone actually reads what I write.  And not everyone likes what I write or agrees with all that I share.  And I am fine with that.  But I can say with 100% certainty that no matter how many comments I get, how many views I have, how much backlash or support I get--what I write is me.  It is who I am and that I will always be fine with.  

  Purple Sparkle Dress-gifted; Light Yellow Collared Tank-thrifted; Water Color Peep Toe Pumps-BCBG; Necklace (worn as a bracelet)-vintage from Grandma

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