July 23, 2012

Share the Covers Still Fly

The cover of Still Fly by Devil Wears Prada:

The original version of Still Fly by the Big Tymers:

Welcome one and all to the second edition to Share the Covers on Frannie Pantz. Today I am featuring my favorite cover song of all time.  

I went into this phase (as I often do with music) a while back where I really get into an album called Punk Goes Crunk.  Y'all know I love me some hip hop, but I am also a die hard rock girl.  This combined the best of both worlds for me!

I realize metalcore is an acquired taste.  But you might be surprised to know that The Devil Wears Prada is actually a Christian metal band.  Crazy right???

At any rate, I popped my collar in honor of some Still Fly mentality.  And I mixed patterns for a bit of rock n' roll.  I know, I get a little crazy.

Mondays suck.  Work was a little high tension due to Dawn's upcoming departure.  But, I survived.  And you know what the best part about Mondays is?

It's Patrick and I's day off of Insanity!  Woop woop!  I have to say, I have grown to like working out.  I notice that my circulation is soooo much better--I am never cold in the A/C anymore.  The preggo veins on my legs are finally going away.  And though I have gained a few pounds, I am eating healthier, feeling better about myself and started to get (dare I say) toned.

But I like it a lot more at the beginning of the Insanity week.  Toward the end, I find myself cursing Shaun T out for making me sweat my arse off.   

Funny story about that.  Sometimes we let the boys do Insanity with us if we start early enough.  They don't do the whole workout, of course, but they jump around and get involved.  

One of these said times, Conner turns to me and says "Mom . . . you're sweating . . . for the firsttimeever!!!!"  LOL

Yes ladies, the best way to end today is with a big ole Starbucks and the peace of mind to know that I don't have to sweat like a maniac at the end of the day.  And that's exactly what I plan to do. 

Printed and Knotted Front Blouse-Ann Taylor, thrifted; Black Eyelet Midi Skirt-Helene Sidel, thrifted; Striped Wedges-Payless; Aquarius Necklace-Target

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