July 4, 2012

Courtesy of the Red White and Blue


Happy Fourth of July everyone!  I love Fourth of July.  But this year it is going to be kind of lame.  Fireworks are banned pretty much everywhere because of all the forest fires.

We don't really have any plans, but it does feel good to just sit around the house and lounge.  Because of our recent workout regimen,sitting sounds just fine. 

Speaking of, I found out why Insanity is the perfect name for this workout program.  The guy who demands that you "keep it going!" and leads the workout is insane.  The other people on the video are insane.  Further, I am insane for thinking this was a good idea. 

For someone who exercises very little, it is a vast understatement that just two days in, this workout is kicking my ass.  I am sooooo sore.  It hurts to walk.  It hurts to wear heels.  It hurts to walk with your back straight.  All I have to say is thank GOD for the pool.  

Because I wasn't going anywhere really today and did not have to ward off crowds or BBQ sauce, I went with a really retro dressy look for the Fourth today.  The gloves, the sundress, the briefcase . . . all vintage.  And the hat was just that added touch of retro vibe.  And, of course, I had to throw in ruby red lips for good measure.

I did go out of the house to take my pictures, obviously.  And I had to go to Wal-Mart for a birthday present for my niece (more on that later).  I was starting to get unnerved because I was getting a really weird vibe from people. 

First I was at a stop light behind a younger couple.  The guy is driving.  He looks back, taps the shoulder of his counterpart, she looks back, turns to him and then looks back at me.  I didn't know wtf was going on, so I just gave them a thumbs up.  As they passed me after the light, the guy started yelling something I could not make out to me.  Weird . . . 

Then, I was at Wal-Mart and everyone was just staring at me.  I started to feel a little funny, like I was maybe too patriotic?  (PS-the gloves were only for the photos, I took them off afterward)  WTF was the problem?  Everyone else was wearing red, white and blue--what was the deal? 

Well, I never found out, but as I was leaving, I heard a voice behind me.  "You look great!"  I turned around to find a man.  Let's just say, this was not in a pick up line, I want to get in your pants sort of way.  I had a very strong sense that I was not the preferred gender type for this gentleman.  "Thanks."  "No problem.  I'm from Delaware.  I like style.  I love your shoes, I love your hat--it just works so well with the dress.  All good here.  All good."  "I appreciate that.  I have a style blog, so I love style too."  "You can tell, you have great style."  "Aw thanks.  Too bad there is not really much to do with it here (meaning Colorado)."  "Girl, you're at Wal-Mart.  Of course there's no place for it here!" 

And that's how I realized, girl don't sweat it.  You be aight.

Another Happy Birthday today to my niece Juliauna!  My brother started dating Juli's mom Ginestra a few years ago.  They are part of the family now.  I am in love with this little girl.  

Juli (or Juju or Juboo) is a very active little tomboy.  She loves all things dirty--bugs, rocks, dirt.  She is very hands on and loves to learn.  

She also loves getting her picture taken.  Seriously, she is the best Vogue-er I have ever met.  She loves it!

I am so happy and honored that her and her wonderful mother are part of our family.  They are both amazing and I love them very much.  

America's 236th birthday, Juli's 7th birthday and my first workout hangover ever.  Yep, it's gonna be a great day to have off.  Be safe all!

  Chevron Printed Cowl Neck Sundress-vintage; Red Cloche Hat-Target; Monogrammed Briefcase-gifted and vintage; White and Cork Sandals-Madden Girl; Earrings-gifted; Crocheted Gloves-vintage

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