July 16, 2012

Share the Covers!!! Rocky Mountain Way

I don't know why, but almost all of my best ideas happen as I am about to fall asleep.  This is problematic because it causes me to stay up even longer brainstorming said ideas and lose sleep.

 Nonetheless, I have been contemplating something re my blog.  I always put music on my posts that reflect my mood for the day.  I am not sure how many people listen to them.  But I refuse to get rid of them because music is a big part of my life (even though I am far from being talented in any realm of music whatsoever).  And always has been.

But I want a new way to incorporate my love for music into my blog.  One aspect of music that I have gotten into in the last few years are cover songs.  I.  LOVE. Me a good cover song.  Seriously.  And I have SOOOO many on my IPod that it is ridiculous.

 So I am going to try a new feature on my blog on Mondays called "Share the Covers" where I share with you my favorite cover songs ever.  This list is quite extensive and contains everything from rock to rap, rap to rock, country to rock, rock to country and even just some fun remixes.

 This might not be everyone's cup o' tea, but I am widely known in my circle of friends for liking weird shit. And part of that weird shit includes music that has been dug up, brushed off and made into a new kind of awesome.  It's musical recycling.  Some hate it ("nobody does this song like so and so!").  I love it.

So, without further adieu, I give you one of my favorite cover songs out right now.  And that is Rocky Mountain Way by Godsmack.

Reasons why I love this song:  Well for one, I am a long time Godsmack fan.  I think they are fantastic.   Also, I am a huge Eagles fan.  Here is the original song by Joe Walsh so you can compare:

I know right????  Love this!  Hope all you fellow music geeks can appreciate this new feature.  If you have any suggestions for Share the Covers--shoot them to me in an email (franniepantz{dot}hotmail{dot}com) or leave them in a comment.

In the spirit of Rocky Mountain Way, I wore my most Coloradoan spin on rock n roll outfit--a pretty chiffon polka dot dress . . . with cowgirl boots, a denim vest and a fedora.  That's how we roll. 

But here's a secret--this denim vest wasn't always a vest.  Au contraire!  I've actually wanted a denim vest for a really long time.  Yet, I had yet to stumble upon one.  In my size.  That didn't have embroidered sunflowers all over it.

But I did find this Express denim jacket thrifting recently.  I loved the collar.  I loved the dark wash.  But the fit wasn't right.  Luckily, I wanted a denim vest.  So I cut the sleeves off and viola!  I have a denim vest.

This outfit also came to me right before I went to sleep.  Go figure.  And you know what?  It was every bit as fabulous feeling as it was in my bed.  Don't you love when that happens?

Because I was sans-lawyers at work today, I donned my fedora all day in le office.  And I was totally fine with it because I feel that it really made the look more playful.

So, I am hoping that this feature works out well.  I am pretty stoked about it.  Like I said, any suggestions or nudges for a song to be featured, holla atcha gurl.  I'll get it handled.  And, I have a new idea for Thursdays too.  Also discovered in my sleep.  I know, I know.  I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Polka Dot Chiffon Dress-Fun2Fun, thrifted; Denim Vest-Express jacket, DIY; Cowboy Boots-vintage; Watch-gifted; Earrings-really old, no idea

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