May 23, 2012

So You Had a Bad Day


Several things led to this title today.  If you're not in the mood for a good whine, feel free to skip the commentary and just tell me you love my "skirt" (which is actually a dress) and I'll be fine with it.  For the rest of you willing to bare with me, you've been forewarned.

Work.  Has been sucking lately.  My boss leaves for Europe for three weeks tomorrow and it has been busy as a mother this week in preparation.  Thank GOD Dawn is there or I would lose my damn mind.  I feel excited for my boss and, frankly, pretty glad to see him go for a bit.  Nothing against him, but he has been prepping for Europe for weeks and trying to practice his French on me (of which I understand nada) and I can't wait to understand wtf he is telling me again.

My car.  Is straight pissing me off.  Patrick got it started last night.  My mom dropped me off at work today and it worked again.  It worked all day.  Until, that is, I picked up Conner from the after school program and it decided it was done working now.  And yet again I was stranded, this time with two kids in tow.  Luckily for me, though, my fiance is awesome.  He put a new starter in (the suspected culprit) and hopefully it is now fixed.  We will see . . .

Blueberries and Cherries.  Seriously.  You all know that I am nothing if not brutally honest with y'all right?  And our love is mutual and unconditional correct?  And even though I'm not perfect, you will still love me right?  We'll see . . .

Ok, I am very ashamed of what I am about to tell you but I am so stark raving mad about it that I just can't let this go without telling you about it.  Well, you all know that I quit smoking back in December right?  Well, that was going really well . . . until Bob passed away back in April.  And I had a weak moment.  In my mind, I am still doing really well but I am not completely quit as I had hoped.  I was hating how I was when I was quit.  I ate constantly and while there is nothing wrong with snacking, there is something wrong with gaining weight when you are about to squeeze into a perfectly altered wedding dress.  Aside from vanity issues, I was being a maaaaaaaajor bitch.  And mainly taking it out on Patrick, who did nothing wrong.  I thought it would fade.  But after a few months, it didn't.  When Bob died and my sister was having some major issues involving hospital stays, it was just too much.  I caved.  And while I am no where near the smoker that I was, I have indulged a bit. (My mom is going to kill me.  Sorry mom!)

For those of you who have not disowned me yet, here's the thing.  I was on my lunch break today and by lunch break I mean I had about 8 minutes before I had to be back at the office.  Because of the stress I was already experiencing in the day, I was indulging in a cigarette.  And because I was thinking about 521486 different things I had to do/did, I did something bad.  I absent mindedly tossed my cigarette butt out the window.  I know!!  I know!!  And if you know me IRL this is cuh-razy because I am a very environmentally friendly person.  In my defense, it was in the middle of a city (i.e. not a fire hazard) and it was raining.  Well, it took all of about four seconds before I saw lights and heard a siren out my back window.  

At first, I was so out of it that I didn't even realize why I would be getting pulled over.  I wasn't speeding, my tail light wasn't out and my plates weren't expired.  When the officer informed me of why she pulled me over, I was like "shiiiiiiiiiit."  So I knew at that point I was going to get a littering ticket.  Did I?  No.  No, no.  I got a summons to appear in Court for throwing a flaming object from a vehicle.  That was literally the verbiage that was handed to me on the summons.  Now, I was in the wrong.  I get it.  I deserve to be reprimanded.   I understand.  But come on.  This makes me sound like I was lighting bottle rockets or hurling lit propane filled beer bottles out of my car in an effort to cause mass destruction.  Good grief. 

Morky.  On top of that, my mom had left her Corgi, Mork, at my house this morning when she picked me up to give me a ride to work.  He usually loves being at my house and hanging out with Nakita, so it is usually perfectly fine.  Well, today when Kaden got home and opened the front door, Mork busted through it and took off.  He was missing for over an hour with Kaden, all the neighborhood kids, my brother and my mom on a major search for the little guy. 

He was found.  He is alive.  But he was also hit by a car.  So, he is battered up.  Poor little guy.  I feel just awful.  I love Morky so much and, as I said earlier, it was raining today so he was all wet and scared and cold and hurt.  My brother has an appointment to take him to the vet tomorrow.  We will find out further how he is doing.  For now, he is able to move, but has some gashes in his little legs. 

In conclusion, today sucked.  But I have faith that tomorrow will be infinitely better.  How do I know?  Well for starters, it couldn't be worse than today.  But also, Daryl (as a going away present I assume) has allowed me to go to Kaden's 5th grade graduation and Conner's picnic tomorrow for the boys' last day of school.  That means a leisurely morning where I don't have to rush off to work, get to hang out with my daughter in the morning and then go to celebrate the last day of school with my boys.  Now let's just hope that my car behaves itself and Morky leaves the vet with a clear bill of health . . .

  Leopard Sundress (worn as a skirt)-vintage; Mesh Sweater-Old Navy, thrifted; Knotted Cognac Booties-Charlotte Russe; Necklace-gifted; Earrings-gifted and DIY

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