April 18, 2011

Ready or Not

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I had my first day of blogging outfit laid out. I had it all planned out. BUT this is the day that my tripod showed up via FedEx. God love it all that agenda went out the window. I had finally got my tripod and I could play with it. It's the little things. I was psyched! So out I ventured, all the way to the backyard. I was wearing what I was wearing. I thought about changing into my first day outfit, but I figure--eh, this is about my style and this is it. Long live spontaneity!

Hat: Free on outing at the zoo ions ago ;-); Leopard scarf on hat: Vintage via Rockin Robins; Jean jacket: Levi's (old); Dress: Gifted from my seester; Tights: Vera Wang for Kohl's; Shoes: Mudd; Necklace: Wal-Mart; Earrings: Kohl's; Sunnies: Elle for Kohl's

I know this dress kind of whispers fall, but it is so damn comfortable that I incorporate it in when I can. The breeze was still in the air, so I had to pair it with tights--boo. This jean jacket has been a go-to staple of mine since I got it like 10 years ago. I especially love how it can transform any outfit into an instant casual-lay-around-stroll-around-town-up-for-anything outfit. Done.

Despite the serious expression in most of these, I actually did have fun once I got the hang of it. Not bad for a first timer I'd say. I am historically a bit "camera shy." I hope to gain more confidence in myself in this venture. It's a big goal of mine. Any one else experience any stages of stage freight? Is it strange to get camera shy when it's just you and the camera?

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