August 7, 2011

Back to Life . . .

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A million bonus points for you if right after you read this title you started singing the above song in your head . . .

Man is it good to be back!  We had a super blasty on vaca.  I am going to try to make up for my absence by recapping each day of our trip under my outfit photos this week to bring myself back up to speed.  I want to apologize.  I was pretty internet free (and it was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD) all vaca, so when I returned to my Bloglovin account with over 1,000 unread posts, I had to do the unthinkable and -- mark all as read.  GASP!!!!  I am going to get back to all your amazing comments as soon as I can and catch myself back up to snuff with what's been going on with all of you!

 Oh, don't you worry my pretties.  There is more about these amazing shoes later in the post but let's just say they are part of the new infantry I inherited whilest on my journey.

One of the greatest thing about blogging is getting great stuff.  Some bloggers are lucky enough to get things shipped to them c/o amazing designers and the like.  And some bloggers are lucky enough to have wonderful, fashionable and frugal family members constantly on the lookout for something great for you to wear on your blog.  My mom has been by BIGGEST supporter of my blog and I came home to find this great crochet maxi skirt, a fur and some cute little shoesies waiting for me in my closet.  She scored them at a garage sale while I was away!  Go mom!

More about my amazing jewelry later in this post as well.  Let me just say that I am honored to wear them.

It took me a little while to get back in the blogging saddle again.  I used to be able to pick a location, stop the car, take some shots and be back in the car within twenty minutes or more.  Well, we came back with 1,000 (actually more . . .) pictures from the trip and all of a sudden, I go to take my shots and you'd thought I hadn't touched a camera in months!  And my tripod had been collecting dust.  But this barn (or bait shop if you must) actually worked with my outfit, so I consider it a win.

White Tee-Mudd; Red Tank-Rue 21; Crocheted Maxi-Rave, gifted; Orange Pumps-Nine West, gifted; Sunnies-Pugg; Earrings and necklace-vintage from Grandma; Cuff and Ring-Kohl's

Remember the amazing mother I was just mentioning?  So the night before I left for my trip, my mom gave me this.  It is my Grandma's old jewel box full of her old jewelry.  My mom had gotten it after my Grandma passed and it was the only thing that she had requested.  I had oddly never even knew of it's existence.  My mom (who is very cute and adorable but doesn't care much for fashion) gave it to me.  She said I am just like my Grandma (I agree) and she wanted me to feature it here so I can bring back the joy that my Grandma had once had in these pieces.  I am so honored and amazed at this gift.  Broaches, clip on earrings, necklaces, bracelets, alllllllll for me to play with.  Love those ladies so much!

Ok, now you're really gonna love my mom.  My mom found these at a garage sale yesterday.   A.  Garage.  Sale.  Yep, someone was actually getting rid of these shoes.  There are Nine West, Ralph Lauren, BCBG and more.  Kitten heels, espadrilles, pumps, peep toes, oxyford heels, pointed toes and more.  I am seriously in a fashion coma at this point.  My mother got these 36 pairs of shoes . . . for $60.  Can you effing believe this nonsense?  Alright mom, you win.  You are way cooler than I could ever hope to be.

Sidenote-the name of the woman selling these gorgeous shoes was ROBIN.  In fact, that is what got my mom the deal.  So Robin from the garage sale, wherever you are, whoever you are, I adore you.  You've made this girl a very happy woman!!!!!!

Day One

To Do: 1) Leave the house

2) Go to Cave of the Winds and see these:

 (In Manitou Springs, Colorado)

3) Go to the Royal Gorge Bridge

 (In Canyon City, Colorado)

What I Wore

Dress-gifted from mom; Jacket-Levi's; Sandals-Kohl's; Necklaces-vintage from Grandma; Ring-Encore; Cuff-vintage from mom; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Sunnies-Elle for Kohl's; Bag-unknown

Pat decided that I was still going to do OOTD pics on our vaca.  He is the greatest!  This is what I wore on Day One.  Yes, I wore platform sandals inside the Cave of the Winds.  It worked out all right.

Day Two tomorrow!  Thanks for all of you who have stuck with me through this week of absence.  I will get back to you all I swear!


  1. Wow, this is an awesome blog post, I took my time read it all.

    I have to say your mommy is the sweetest, and the treasures left by your granny and that fabulous collection of shoes has risen crazy envy in me. :)

    The Cat Hag
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  2. Welcome Back!!! You really have a relaxing holiday, huh? ... Your Mom is the sweetest ... Those are some crazy number of shoes!!!!

    ♡ from ©

  3. OMG! I can't believe those shoes! How fabulous! Also love your white sundress! So cute for a summer day.

  4. Omg! I haven't heard Soul II sould for the longest time! Seems like you've had the loveliest time together, love to see the whole family, cute portrait, oh and I love those two toned pumps!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. Addie, I so much appreciate that, you have no idea! Thank you so much and yes, my mom is the bestest!

  6. Thank you so much for the kind welcome back Tanvi! I love my mom!

  7. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!! I literally could not sleep last night. My mind kept just making outfits over and over and I couldn't stop it! Thanks Keely!

  8. I know right??? Remember when they were all over the radio? Thanks so much for your sweet comment Cess!

  9. Your mom won the jackpot! Go mom! So cool you got all those shoes. I don't even own 30 pairs of shoes. I love caves, the white sundress is a perfect vacation outfit.

  10. I envy you so much!! you see many amazing things! I would love to see the canyons!! :)

  11. LOL thanks Megan. My closet runneth over. Literally. Guess I need to move now ;-) Thanks as always for your kind comment.

  12. Thank you so much Sarah! This is the first vacation I've had in four years. It was much needed and a great way to appreciate Colorado/the southwest.

  13. WOW, your Mom is such a sweetheart! First your grandmother's jewelry and then 60 pairs of shoes?! Amazing!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  14. Wow, what awesome treasures from both family and a stylish stranger! What a sweet mom you have!! Can't wait to hear all of the details about your trip! Isn't the Royal Gorge beautiful? One of my favorite places in CO!

  15. I am so blessed. Thank you so much Lidi!

  16. Thank you so much Allie! I loved the Royal Gorge. It is GORGEous ;-) and I never knew there was so much to do there!

  17. gosh, I missed your blog. So happy you had a great trip! Love the travel tips you gave, and I can't get over that huge shoe score!



  18. Thanks Angie! I missed blogging and reading blogs too. I can't get over the shoes either. The night I got them, I was up until two photographing and fantasizing. Am I sick or what? LOL Thanks for coming back!


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