December 24, 2011

Merry Merry

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This is one of my three favorite days of the year, tomorrow being another and my birthday being a third.  I love getting with family, watching people open the gifts I spent hours searching for or making, EATING and seeing nothing but smiles. 

I had to run to the store today really quick (which I really try to avoid on holidays because I think it is B.S. that the stores are open and people have to work for procrastinators like me) and I was stopped by four elder women in the store to tell me that they loved how I looked all dressed up.  I give credit to the hat.

This hat was my grandmothers hat and my grandpa gave it to me back on Thanksgiving.  She has been gone for seven years now and I miss her very much--especially on Christmas.  My grandma was a master at so many things.  She would play the most beautiful holiday hymns on the piano, make the most delicious food for Christmas dinner (and sooooo much of it) and she was a DIY queen.  We would always get various things she had knitted, sewed or made in some way for Christmas. 

In addition to being crafty and talented, my grandmother knew how to rock fashion.  I imagine her wearing this hat to church service on Christmas day, nudging my grandpa to wake up every five minutes. She would have a fresh coat of lipstick, dark opaque pantyhose and smell of Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds. 

Indeed, Christmas is a time for joy, a time for family.   It is a time to be grateful for those that are in your life as well as remember the ones that are no longer in your life.  It is a time for sticky fingers, laughter, curiosity, excitement and glimmers in the eyes of children.  It is a time to forgive, a time to relax, a time to indulge and a time to reflect.

So whether you are enjoying your Christmas with snow or sunshine, children or couples, with friends or family, with a tree or without--I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays!)!  I thank you all for all your time, comments, input and inspiration. 

Fuschia Hooded Sweater and Cream Cardigan-gifted by Grandpa; Charcoal Tweed Skirt-Maurice's, thrifted; Green Tights-unknown, very old; Booties-Ralph Lauren, gifted; Carpet Bag-Clearwater Creek, thrifted; Black Peacoat-H & M; Pillbox Hat and EArrings-vintage from Grandma; Pearl Necklace-unknown, maybe Kohl's

7 days . . .

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