December 6, 2011


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Day two of the Neutrals Week challenge held by the lovely Keely of Casual Chic Kiki and Megan of Megan Mae Daily.  Today's neutral color is gray and even though I was a little scared to go all neutral yesterday, I decided to give it a whirl today.  

I made a comment today to Sally and Dawn that this was probably the most boring outfit ever.  It's pretty much true.  It lacked color and texture and pattern.  Surprisingly, though, I felt relatively good in it all day.  Sometimes it feels good to just blend in and play it safe. 

So, yesterday, I almost froze to death taking my OOTD picture.  But, typical Colorado had shining sun, relatively clear sky and not so much as a breeze today.  We are a very indecisive state.  Cue very annoying Katy Perry song . . . . (no, the other annoying one Hot and Cold, not California Girls--sorry, not a big fan of these two songs).

And like the typical Colorado native, I took complete advantage of the shining sun and favorable weather to go out sans jacket.  And it was perfect.  I was telling Bob today that if I was a true Coloradoan, this would be damn near shorts weather for some of us.  But that's only for the hardcore. 

You know what is a great moment for a parent at Christmas time?  Yes, it's those shining faces with innocence, hope, fantasy and smiles.  But also a great perk of parenthood during the holidays?

Being tight as hell with Santa.  According to your children, you and Santa are like peas and carrots.  Suddenly, your kids are arguing over a toy, you pick up your cell and start "texting" Santa.  Your son picks up his toys, you can just let Santa know.  What can go wrong with the big man in red is one of your top ten?

So a few updates on some recent changes that I have been making and announcing as of late.  First of all, I saw this lady rocking these and have nearly caved when it came to upholding my shopping ban.  And I have Kohl's cash (from buying Christmas presents, calm down.  I know that the hardcore Kohl's loyal shoppers will be doing the math in their head "how can she have Kohl's cash and be on a shopping ban?") too.  Buuuuuuuut . . . I didn't.  And I haven't.  Been about 15 days.  Still going strong, but have had a few withdrawals.

Another update is that it is only my second day of positive affirmations and thinking and I kind of dig it.  It can be kind of cheesy at times and a little more new age than what I'm used to,but it is relaxing and really does help to de-stress. 

The other big update on how my first week of quitting smoking I'm gonna talk about on Thursday, but let's just say, so far I'm doing exceptional.  ;-)

Gray Turtleneck-Wal-Mart; Vest-gifted; Charcoal Slacks-Kohl's; Boots-Wal-Mart; Broach-vintage from Grandma; Earrings-unknown (old)

Guess What???

Do you all remember the $20 discount to eShakti's online store that I recently featured ( remember this dress?)?  Well the kind folks of eShakti have decided to extend your ability to take advantage of  the discount code ROBIN0811. So if you missed it the first time, here's your second chance!  This code is valid through December 31, 2011 so don't delay if you are interested.  Second chances don't always come around this easy!

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