December 20, 2011

Take Your Son to Work Day

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Kaden gets to come to work with me all the time.  He is not in day care or anything, but he's not quite old enough to be home alone for a whole day, so when he doesn't have school, he comes to work with me.  The boys are out of school right now for Winter Break.  Conner's after school program is not open during Winter Break.  So, this time, Kaden went to work with my mom and I got to take Conner to work with me. 

I absolutely adore one on one time with Conner.  We don't get it very often at all and he's the middle child, so it's hard for him to get one on one time at all.  Taking him to work really made my day.  He was so good and is so cute.  Talking to him is just like talking to a little adult.  I let him pick where we went to lunch and when we were done, we opted for a mini photo shoot right out front.  So.  Much.  Fun.  I wish I could do it at work every day. 

I totally spazed on you all yesterday.  Peggy even called this morning and asked if I was all right because of my lame ass post yesterday.  Sorry.  Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and let me tell you, this girl had been doing A LOT lately.  Other than working my fabulous ass off at le office, I've been trying to keep up with the holidays in rapid fashion.

Much like the rest of y'all, I've been spending every spare second (and penny) shopping, decorating, baking, attending and hosting events, googling over Christmas lights, watching mass amounts of holiday movies, eating and catching up on neglected chores. 

So, it was a nice "break" from work to be able to spend it with one of my favorite little people in the world.  Also nice to have help with all of the aforementioned activities (I have never loved being with someone so much in my life!) like watching the kids, cleaning up after dinner and such so that I can take a minute to do some shopping. 

As promised, here are some of the bakies that I created this weekend.  Total count: (top center clockwise): Rice Krispie treats, Smore's bars, Maple Walnut cookies, lemon bars, raspberry coconut white chocolate bars, Butterscotch Haystacks, Two Tone Brownies, Caramel Swirls.  Also, not pictured were Mint Chocolate Brownies and LOOOOOADS of sugar cookies.

Also, this weekend, my Besty had a burfday.  I've talked about my Matty on here before.  He and I have been best friends since we were sophomores in high school.  I love him so much.  His boyfriend and family surprised him with a birthday party at Maggiano's in downtown Denver.    He was surprised. 

 The Birthday Guuuurl
 Matty and Phil
 Me and Matty
 Matty, his sister Deeds, brother Timmy and Hot Rod Mama (can you believe how fabulous his mom looks???)
Matty's brother Timmy, sister Becky, sister Deeds and Matty
Matty and his lovely nieces-Vanessa, Aspen and Avery.  I have literally watched these girls grow up from diapers to sequins.  It is amazing.  And makes me feel old.  
 Matty and my favorite girl in the world-Miss Ashley and her mans Rory
 This girl and I have history.  Matty, Allison and I were collectively "The Mamas" and we were legendary and inseparable.  This is her, Matty and her man Seth
 We all worked at the Black Eyed Pea together in our youth.  Enter "The Pea Ons"-Ashley, Matty, Taryn, Allison and I
Pat, Matt and Me
Ok, we're all caught up.  Conner, take it away . . .

Black Sparkle Cowl Neck Sweater-Kohl's; Pinstripe Capri's-Candie's; Wine Colored Tights-Kohl's; Booties-Ralph Lauren, gifted; Earrings-gifted

11 days . . .

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