September 19, 2011


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 Wouldn'tchaknow, I finally get my railroad shots.  Perfect location.  Started shooting, and heard a train whistle.  I'm pretty convinced that at this point that the railroad tracks have it out for me.  This, of course, only makes me want the shot more. 

As soon as I finished taking my pictures, who do I spy watching me the whole time but Patrick.  He had driven by where I was taking my pictures and stopped off to give me a ration of wisecracks.  God love him.  

So I was spotted by the train and by Patrick, but you know who I spotted?  That same cop on that same road that gave me the speeding ticket a few months ago.  I gave that little bastard two enthusiastic thumbs up as I passed him doing exactly the speed limit on my way home.  Classic. 

Speaking of spotting, I spotted this great two toned New York & Company skirt at ARC this past weekend during their half off sale.  And this great mustard sweater.  Both $3.  Score!

Have you ever eaten a Cherokee Purple tomato?  Daryl grows them in his garden and often brings them to me at work.  They are the best tomatoes in the land.  Seriously, folks.  If you have the chance, try them.  They are so good and not acidic at all!

Ok, so tomatoes really have nothing to do with spotting, but I cannot stop thinking about their deliciousness.  All in all, a pretty good day.  Monday for the win!

Mustard Sweater-unknown, thrifted; Skirt-New York & Company, thrifted; Boots-Croft & Borrow; Bag-Bebe, gifted; Earrings-gifted; Ring-Kohl's


  1. I really like the picture of you up close. Good fashion tastes as always.

  2. Ca-uuuuuuuttttteee! Love this....and love that it's a 6$ outfit! (excluding, I'm almost certain, those fabulous boots. I'd guess those cost a bit of a pretty penny) Great outfit lady!

  3. Such a lovely skirt!!! And is it cooler there already? I can feel the fall approaching :)

    ♡ from ©

  4. stunning look! yellow looks great on you!


  5. Hey Frannie! I love that mustard top. It's so cute! Great blog. Following!

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  6. Ooh this two tone skirt is just wonderful! It falls just right and is the perfect length to pair it with boots! I love it paired with the mustard sweater, you should consider pairing it with fun jewel tone tights in cooler months to come. This skirt has some serious re-mixing potential!

  7. I like this blog and i just find it. I hope you can check out mine and if you like follow me.

  8. love your skirt!!
    kisses from spain!=)

  9. those boots fit you like a dream! so hard to find goot fitting boot! perfect with that lovely skirt!

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  10. Those are some fantastic thrift store finds, and mustard, black and grey is a nice combination of colors.

  11. Hey lady! Sorry I am so behind on commenting on your blog. I just want to tell you that you have been bringing it lately! I am loving your fall transition. Also, your hair looks amazing. Go gurrrrrrl.



  12. Ohmygod! This outfit is the cutest. I love the futuristic skirt with the cutout detail. The mustard sweater with the lovely collar is just perfect. Sounds like some great details.

  13. Thanks Loren! That means a lot to me. Hope you had a good birthday!

  14. Actually, I believe I got these suckers at Wally World for like $15 or something. Crazy, huh? Thanks as always Chelsea!

  15. Oh I know! I can hardly wait to unleash all of this skirt's potential! Thanks Caitlin!

  16. I always love how you combine colors!!!This is a super stylish outfit, love it, original and very interesting!Happy Wensday honey!

  17. Very cute outfit! Love the sweater!



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