September 15, 2011

If You Want to Destroy My Sweater

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 Overcast skies.  Low temps.  Misty all day.  Today was the kind of day that makes me mourn the loss of summer and dread the cold of winter.  But it also made me want to savor the days we have left of not having to bundle up like that Christmas Story kid.

I woke up wanting to wear something comfy and easy.  Even though I had to work my arse off at le office, I imagined that I had nothing to do but curl up on my couch with a warm comforter, a hot cup of tea and Carrie and the girls entertaining me all afternoon. 

I got this dress on a shopping trip with Patrick.  As I have aforementioned, when Pat needs new clothes, I get to pick something(s) out for myself.  I already had an armful of clothes and I got to pick one more thing.  I was eyeing this and a cute little blazer and asked Pat his opinion.  "Ok, it's either this blazer or this dress."  Pat-"That's a dress?  Get the dress."

The only complaint I have about these booties is that that zipper is on the outside of the bootie.  So there isn't much opportunity to relish in the fabulosity of the studding detail.  Weird, I know.  Actually, for the first few weeks I had these, I kept thinking that they were uncomfortable until I realized I was just wearing them on the wrong feet (it took me a while to figure out that the zipper was on the outside of the booties).

By the way, glad to know there are so many other Aquarians out there!  Thanks for all the shout outs from fellow air signs!

It's kind of hard to concentrate on writing this post.  Pat and I are watching the most random movie of all time: Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.  "Uh, yeah I don't have rabies."  

Dress-Kohl's; Scarf-unknown; Leggings-Wal-Mart; Booties-F21; Earrings-DIY and gifted


  1. Your BOOTS make me so happy (they're awesome) and I wish I had an incredible red jacket like that!

  2. Frannie, this look is super cute! I'm loving that gorgeous sweater, the pockets are such an adorable detail & loveee those boots too. Happy Friday. xo veronika

  3. I love your super bright outfit for a gloomy day. I agree it's a little odd that the zipper is on the outside of those booties, but they're still cute nonetheless. BTW my bday is 2/8!! Super close to yours :P I've found it's usually the only thing I like about the month of February because by that point in the year I'm ready to go move somewhere with a beach and never have to see snow again!

  4. super cute outfit! i love red and blue together :)


    Fashion Fractions

  5. Oooh super cute booties! I love the bright colored sweater and scarf. I'm guessing it's just fall now. I actually wore a long sleeved dress. And was still a bit chilly.

  6. Oh No, I guess Fall is actually right around the corner and already here for some of us. I'm just trying to hold onto Summer as long as I can, LOL. You look Gorg and I love the whole outfit!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment. New follower here doll.

  7. Lovely, I love the red scarf and coat
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  8. Thank you so much Veronika! I hope you had a fab weekend!

  9. Right?!?!?!? OMGosh we need to celebrate our bdays! That's so cool. My bestie's bday is the 8th as well!

  10. I know. I don't know whether to be super stoked or a little sad. Thanks Megan!

  11. Thank you so much Charee! I appreciate that and I am already following you as well. ;-) Have a great Monday!


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