September 4, 2011


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I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in the big square state, things are gettin' chilly quick.  The mornings have a crispness, warning of autumnal return.  We've gone days in my house without A/C or fans and it has been the perfect temperature.  Yes, my friends, it is feeling rather September-y.

I'm dressed rather casually today because I was off to see Pat race in Fort Morgan.  A word to the wise--when going to a race, do not wear anything you don't mind getting dirty.  Even sitting in the stands gets you bathed in dirt and mud.  Also, wear something warm.  Even if you think it's going to be a nice evening.  It's not.

I picked Pat's mom up for the races and she was in shock that I was not wearing heels.  It's true, 98% of the time, I am in heels.  But I also don't like to subject my precious beauties to the harsh dirt and nacho cheese.  I love these boots because they feel so bad ass.   Plus, they are a mighty comfortable change. 

This chiffon top is one of my favorites.  Usually, I will wear a tank underneath because you can see right through the sucker, but since I was not going to work, I let it be.  It feels so feminine, but borderline naughty.  You can't really see through it too much.  It's almost like a naughty by accident kind of shirt.  

Remember the other day when I was talking about not paying attention to sizes?  Well, it's true.  These jeans were given to me and they are a size 9.  I typically wear a 5 in jeans, but I entertained the fact that they would fit.  They did.  They are a little big, but not annoyingly so.  And, they are the most comfortable jeans I own.  You can ask Pat (if you must, but I thought we had some kind of trust going here . . .), I don't wear jeans much, but when I do, I oft go for these ones.  Plus, my butt looks fabulous in them.  And that's what really counts. 

Jeans-Refuge, gifted; Sheer Plaid Top-F21; Hat-K-Mart; Ring-gifted; Bracelets-vintage from Grandma; Cuff and Earrings-gifted; Moto Boots-Kohl's


  1. Love the shirt, you look fabulous in it! :)

    The Cat Hag
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  2. You are a little casual and September-y, but it works for you. That top is great and I say good call on forgoing the heels!

  3. I love your super curly hair popping out from the hat. It's adorable. And that top is so cute!

  4. Thanks Sarah! It was way better to not go with heels!

  5. Thanks Keely. If you ever want to trade hair, you just let me know!


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