September 20, 2011

Models vs. Real People

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Definition of a model as of The Free Dictionary:  A person employed to display merchandise, such as clothing or cosmetics (well the one definition relevant for my P.O.V. that I am about to jibber on about below; clearly there are a ton of definitions for the word "model".  Ok, now that that's straight, let's move on.)

So, as I have been blogging several months now (small potatoes, but still sufficient enough to have merit in this discussion), I have come to notice some negativity aimed at fashion blogging and I find it bothersome for several reasons.  

Some of what I hear is some kind of thought that the girls that have style or fashion blogs just want attention, are self-absorbed or just materialistic.  References made to how one could take pictures of themselves all day or how they "find the time" for this kind of activity or how pretty you must think you are to post pictures of yourself all over the web or how fashion and clothes are vein or aquisitive in some way.

Well, I may be a little bias, but I have seriously seen that the majority of the blogs I follow and frequent are women.  Real.  Women.  Women with jobs and families.  Women with intelligence and poise, but who are also genuine, down to earth and don't mind sharing that moments before their photos spilled marinara sauce on their sweater.  Women with curves and real bodies.  Women who appreciate clothing as an art with difference in fabrics, patterns, hemlines, details and construction as its own art. 

I don't think that the majority of women who have style blogs are self-absorbed in the way that they take pictures of themselves purely for the fact that they want people to look at them, but at the way they wear their clothes.  And even if there are women that do it just to show themselves off, so the frick what?  What, I ask is wrong about a woman feeling like she looks damn good, that could feel everyone's eyes on her as she struts into the Wal-Greens, that is actually comfortable or, dare I say, happy with her body?  Maybe she had to work hard to get the body that she has.  Maybe she has worked hard to allow herself to enjoy her body.  

Someone made me think of this today when she was talking about having a conversation with her daughter about starting a blog.  Mom wanted her daughter to get into it because she thought that her daughter could really do well with a blog about fashion.  Get it girl, says I.  Nothing in the definition of model says anything about specifications to size, skin color, hair color or type, certain style, budget, nothing.  When I started this little ole blog five months ago, it took a lot to convince me that I could.  I'm no model by society's standards.  Now, I am so glad that I took the plunge.  I find this to be an extremely supportive and friendly community and I thoroughly enjoy it. 

Moral of the story--judge not what you do not know and don't let anyone or anything hold you back from that which you would like to achieve.

This post brought to you by Frannie "the Motivator" Pantz.

Dress-vintage; Vest-Mudd for Kohl's; Platform Loafers-Bandolino, gifted; Tights-Vera Wang for Kohl's; Earrings-vintage from Grandma; Ring-Encore


  1. oh what a great striped dress!!
    very lovely :)


  2. LOVEEE THIS POST! And so true ... It is more about expression of art than being materialistic or self obsessed! You said it LIKE IT IS :)

    Love your dress. Stripes really can never go wrong :)

    ♡ from ©

  3. LOVE IT FRANNIE!!! What you wrote is AWESOME girl! How horrid for one to write and pigeonhole a particular group. Everyone is here for different reasons (personal growth, hobby, making new friends, business, showcase their talents etc.). I started only a month ago and have met some amazing, intelligent, and talented women on here. I was just given an award today! Yes, there are bad apples. But what group/organization doesn't have it? I commend your post and your thoughts. Thank you for sharing! your dress and shoes :D Very mod girl! ((HUG))
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  4. Great post!
    I think the main negativity towards bloggers has everything to do with those main stream bloggers who are snobs and vain and rude. Those are the face of fashion blogs and that's what people see. But a good portion of the fashion bloggers are just like you said, real people and that's why I think it's interesting and very few fashion blogs indulge on the vanity.

  5. Ohhh, your blog = CHIC!
    Wonderful post!!


  6. HERE, HERE! Great post. I love that you verbalized so much of what I think often. It's true, we aren't really modeling fashion, rather than a way to rethink what you have in your closet, or smile. I have however felt like my self esteem can take a hit because I don't look or dress like girls like Rumi...So, I just took her out of my blog feed. I have never looked in a magazine and thought "I'd totally wear that and have all the elements in my closet". I can definitely do that with the blogs I read though. And you are one of them :-)



  7. IN Kinsey's closetSeptember 21, 2011 at 7:33 PM

    Okay, first of all I read your blog daily but can never comment t work due to crap computers... I love this post! So true! I think bloggers have style while models just wear what they are given. Bravo! I'm tweeting a link to this if ya don't mind!!

  8. I think no matter what its in reference to, I find the phrase "how could you ever find the time for that" offensive. Because there are only so many hours in the day, but everyone, and I do mean everyone, finds the time to do the thing they want to do.
    Maybe it's watching a tv show, maybe its going to the gym, or stopping on the way to work for coffee. It could be cooking a three course dinner every night. Doesn't matter, because if it's not something you value, than you throw out that damn phrase.

    Just because you don't make time in your life for it, doesn't give you the right to criticize others.

    And as for the vanity issue, it takes a lot of confidence to be able to take these photographs, with our regular old normal girl bodies and without professional lighting or retouching. it's not like these are My Space headshots, there is a thought and care involved, there is art going on here.

    Some people might not see it, but it's there.

  9. I don't mind at all and I am so glad that you enjoyed it. I so much appreciate you reading every day--that makes me so happy! As you know, you are a daily read of mine as well. Thank you so much!

  10. So true Lyddie. I LOVE your comment. Thank you so much. You are one of my biggest inspirations and I love the blogs that I follow! This comment really meant a lot.


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