September 16, 2011

What the Fog Was That?

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This morning we woke up to fog as thick as peanut butter.  I think that fog is magical.  I couldn't let it go to waste!  So, I had to take my outfit photos on my way to work so I wouldn't loose my chance. 

Being in the fog is like having a chance to walk in the clouds.  Everything is still, quiet and somber.  As I stopped on this dirt road, I felt like I was in my own little world.  I didn't have to worry about snoopers or anything.  It was like being surrounded by a thick blanket.

It's a good thing that I took this opportunity when I did.  Not even ten minutes later, I was at work with clear skies and warm sun.  Needless to say, I was loosing some layers once I was at work.  

Booties-Ralph Lauren; Earrings-Wal-Mart; Everything else-Kohl's


  1. Such pretty photos! I love the background too <3



  2. I love the fog, it's so rare that we get fog in CO really and when we do it seems to be very brief, so I'm glad you took advantage of it! It looks really cool in these photos. Those pants are great, they fit you like a dream!

  3. WOW,the pictures are so full of strange energy!Love them, but I am totally crazy about your coat!
    Happy Sunday!

  4. Oo I love th combo of the cozy sweater and plaid! Makes me wish for winter.

  5. Thanks Allie and you are totally right about the fog. I think it's magical! These pants, I'm glad they look good but they are torturous. Four buttons, a teeny tiny zipper and they are a bit snug on the thighs. Aw well, what are you gonna do?

  6. Thanks Angeline. I never dream of winter, but then again I am a total wuss in the cold.


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