May 22, 2012

Over Zealous


Today was one of those days that started off gloriously and ended in a downward spiral to bogus.  Allow me to elaborate . . .

Today was supposed to be in the 90's which aggravates most people, but I am not one of them.  Bring on the heat and sunshine! I was stoked.  

The first thing I saw when I woke up this morning was a note in the steam of the mirror that said "I Love You Robin."  Aw!  Words cannot express how lucky I am.   The kids were getting along, got ready on time and I was out the door right when I was supposed to. 

I decided to go to the store for the office early today so that I would be done before our big office meeting.  I got there, got my stuff, checked out in no time flat, went to my car, loaded up, went to turn on my car and . . . nothing.  Now, if you remember, I just got a new battery for my car, so this was not good. 

But suddenly I remembered this portable battery charger thingy that Patrick had gotten for me on a whim that was sitting in my trunk.  After calling Patrick for a few instructions, the car started again and we were back in business and I was super amped!

Unfortunately, the incident set me back some time, so the meeting had to be rescheduled to tomorrow.  Woopsie.  And a few hours later, I decided to go grab a bite to eat . . .

And Goldilocks was D.O.A. yet again.  The portable charger thing did not work.  I called my brother to come out to jump my car (maybe the portable jumper thingy was only good for one charge or something?) or tinker with it. 

Having my car today was vital.  First of all, I do not pack a lunch.  I always go out.  There's just something that doesn't compare to a few moments of solitude away from my desk.  So by the time I gave up on my car and ordered in, I was starved.  

Being starved led to ordering a sub the size of me, me eating all of said sub and feeling like ish afterward.  I guess I got a little carried away . . .

Also, it was Brielle's Pre-K graduation and Kaden had baseball practice right after work.  So there was some major car shuffling going around to get kids and drop kids off.  The graduation was adorable, which is good news.  Patrick went out to my work where Goldilocks currently sits to look at it and it started right up for him.  So maybe it will be fine tomorrow?  Who knows.  All I know is Goldilocks--you are being a spoiled snot and you are grounded.  

  Navy Polka Dot Button Down Blouse-INC, thrifted; White and Yellow Dip Dye Skirt-How & Wen, thrifted; Wood Sandals-Target; Watch and Yellow Hoops-gifted

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