May 2, 2012

Braggin' Rights


Be forewarned--this post is really braggy.  Why?  Because a lot of bragworthy stuff happened to me today.  All small, but all good. 

First of all, I got to talk to Peggy like two or three times today.  She's only been gone two days now, but it is just so weird that she isn't at the firm anymore.  I know she misses me and I can't wait to have lunch with her soon. 

Also, I finally got to take my pictures at this cute little pond by the Court house today.  I've always wanted to, but haven't ever had the time.  I loved it.

Patrick is thebestest mans in the world.  He decided that he was going to pick up the kids and chauffeur them around on Wednesdays so I could have some alone/de-stress time.  Of course, most of this will largely consist of wedding stuff, but just to get off of work and not have to rush from here to here to here to here and do this, this, this and this really is worth its weight in gold.   

So what did I do with my Wednesday evening free of kids/making dinner/going to Kumon/etc?  Well I'm glad that you asked . . . 

It turns out that today was a wedding prep day for me.  I went to get our liquor license (we need one to serve booze at our reception) from the city.  

I went to pay off the rest of what we owe to the florist.  My florist's name is Linda.  I walk in and she goes "you must just be coming from work; you're all dressed up in heels!"  I gave her this look like "girlfriend, you know I wear heels every got damn day."  

I scoured the greater Longmont area for some flower girl dresses and bridesmaid dresses.  Two of my bridesmaids do not have dresses yet.  I would rather they be with me, but since I had the time and was searching for flower girl dresses anyway, I thought, "well, when in Rome."

I was unable to find any (did you know that taupe/beige/champagne/tan/whathaveyou is impossible to come across now a days in a dress that is not office wear?), but I consider it a successful trip nonetheless.  

Why?  Well because first of all, I did not buy anything new for myself.  Nothing.  Even though I saw the cutest jumpsuit at JCPenney.  On Sale.  Nope.  Passed right by it.  

Aaaaaaand I was complimented.  I should first explain to you that I have been gifted with the most accurate gaydar on the planet.  I saw this fellow at Dillard's in the men's cologne section.  He looked like Clay Aiken.  I was leaving the store and he told me to have a nice day.  Then he told me that I had a fabulous skirt.  And yes, he did say fabulous.  In a very manly kind of way.  And nothing makes my day more than when a Clay Aiken lookalike can appreciate a good mullet skirt.  Nothing I say.   

High Low Skirt-Rue21; Yellow Striped Tee-Old Navy, thrifted; Camel Suede Peep Toe Pumps-Worthington, gifted; Necklace-gifted; Earrings-Kohl's; Bracelet-Souvenir from the Four Corners

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