May 17, 2012

Snake in the Grass


Today . . . pictures were a biznatch.  I left for lunch.  It started sprinkling.  By the time I drove off, it was raining.  When I got to my preferred spot . . . it was full on pouring.  

My mint top was coming out white.  I couldn't get the flash/colors right.  I was too paranoid about my camera getting ruined yet again, so I called it a day after what seemed like 528 failed attempts at a decent photo.  Luckily, I had much better luck after work when the sun came out.  I went to another favorite spot of mine and was snapping away when I saw this:

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-ssss-taaaaaaaaaay.  I hate snakes.  HATE them.  Patrick used to have a snake.  I made him get rid of it when he moved in.  A snake, I said, is not a pet.  You cannot pet them.  They are a pest and disgusting.  It was this scaly thing that made me make this face:

But, moving on from the miniscule first world problems of a style blogger.  I thrifted this top last weekend.  I loved the color and the pretty embellishments (that you can barely see) on the front of it.

And it is proof that the number one rule in thrifting is to try on everything.  I wear a size small or 4 in tops typically.  This one is a 10/12.  But it fits me perfectly.  

I can see this top working with so many pieces in my closet (rule number two of thrifting--make sure you can picture your purchase with at least three other things in your closet), but chose my purple skinnies after pinning this look

As far as work goes, I am just about done with this week.  It has been busy and hectic and crazy and stressful and, at times, just plain bull.  Friday?  Yes please!

As you all know, I have a job outside of my paying job which is that of a mom.  And, as you also know, baseball is in full swing.  Pun intended.  

So naturally, I got off work, picked up Kaden, dropped him off at practice, picked up Brielle from day care and Conner from his after school program, ran some errands and picked Kaden back up from practice. 

One of the errands we ran while waiting for Kaden to be done with practice was to go to Big 5 Sports.  We didn't have to go there per se, but Conner has really taken an interest to sports in the last year or so.  He has been begging me to take him inside of this store for a while, so we went in just to look. 

As most of you mothers know, when you take a kid inside of a store they have been wanting to explore "just to look", you often end up with a little something when you leave.  On this strike, it was a jar of bubbles for Brielle and a Bronco's hat for Conner.  

Which ended up being awesome because Conner loves his new hat and Brielle was just tickled at the thought of new bubbles.  Kaden found out his team is going to be the Royals and he is lucky #7 for the second year in a row.  All in all, not a bad Thursday.  Downpours and scaly slithery nastiness aside.

P.S.  The picture below is the one where I actually first saw that nasty snake.  You can see him if you look very closely in that dirt under the tree to my left.  Sick!

  Mint Colored Shear Tank-E-Vie, thrifted; Lace Tank-Ashley Ellen, thrifted; Purple Skinnies-Hot Kiss, gifted; Criss Cross Wedges-Marshall's; Silver Cuff-Kohl's; Earrings-gifted

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